Thursday, June 01, 2023

Get yourself ready, as throwback hairstyles from the 80s and 90s will be trending heavily on Instagram this fall. Tons of 80s and 90s hair accessories, ponytails, headbands, hats and even hair jewelry, were all all debuted on this fall’s 2019 fashion runway, with a 2019 modern twist of course. This season has something for everyone. For those of you not bold enough to go back to the dramatic hair accessories of the past, you can incorporate some of the softer hair looks that are making their comebacks such as, soft tendrils, low buns, braids and softer looking curls.

At the fall fashion show, Louis Vuittons models were all about 80s hair. One model’s hair was parted deeply over to one side and styled purposely to cover one eye. (This is is so ironic since this was the issue I was constantly fixing on sheitals––now its the newest hair trend!) So many different types of ponytails were seen on the runway across all the designers. Ponies with scrunchies, dramatically styled ponies, side parted high-ponies with bouncy ends and low ponytails with hair wrapped around the elastic. These ponytail looks are easy to replicate with the new ponytail wigs that are currently very popular. Prada’s models also wore different types of braids, a classic look that never goes out of style. No matter your hair or sheital texture, braids are a versatile style that can be worn both dressed up and dressed down.

Now is the time for Euphoria hair. Just like the bold and shiny Euphoria makeup, this trend has made its way to hairstyles as well. The pop is all in the hair accessory this season. Colorful rhinestones, gems, hair pins and headbands are all extremely popular on Instagram. Hair crystals are being used to adorn updos for weddings and other dressy events. Don’t second-guess yourself with this trend, as there is no such thing as too much hair sparkle this season.

Channel used a variety of bows, pins and flowers to adorn model’s hair. A simple half-up hairstyle, is a perfect look for a dramatic hair accessory. Dress up a low every-day ponytail with a black velvet bow and you’re instantly ready for any type of simcha. Large statement headbands adorned with pearls and gems are seen and sold everywhere. They instantly transform any plain outfit into a trendy look. Adding barrets or other hair accessories to any hair or wig that didn’t have time for “fresh styling” can help to distract from the “needs a wash and style look.” Adding three to seven plain or gemed bobby-pins in a row will give your hair or wig a statement look while also keeping the hair out of your face.

Welcome back loose tendrils. Hair that is purposely left loose around the face is a great look for almost any face shape and an easy way to soften up the front of sheitals to make them appear more natural. Two-texture hair was also popular on the runway for this fall. The top of the model’s hair was styled straight and sleek, while it slowly transitioned to soft waves by the temples. Hats, particularly berets also made a comeback. Be sure to remember to style your hair even when wearing a hat. Loose waves, soft curls, low ponies and braids all look great under hats. Wearing hats on top of sheitals and falls will ruin the hair piece. I suggest buying a hat fall or bandit if you would like to wear hats, to avoid loosening and destroying the hair on your expensive pieces.

Try stepping out of your comfort zone this season. Be adventurous and try a bold hair accessory you normally wouldn’t. Try combining two different trends into one, such as making a pony or braid and and then pulling out loose tendrils around your face. You will start to notice that hair accessories and styles add so much to your overall look. Have fun experimenting to find what suits you best.

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed hairstylist and certified wig maker. She is available for consultations and can be reached at (201) 694-5319

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