Tuesday, March 28, 2023

If you were to binge watch a few films that were popular in a single decade and then turn your attention to this year’s fashion trends, you’d spot a lot of similar styles and details. Designers get inspiration from past decades, redesign the looks and put them in contemporary fabrics. Maybe you won’t see direct copies of fashion you’ve already lived through, but you may be reminded of something you used to wear or perhaps even still own.

If you haven’t changed sizes and you hold on to fashion, you might find an oversized jean jacket somewhere in your house—perhaps in a guest room closet or a box in the garage. Or maybe you’d discover a polka dot dress with puffy sleeves.

Are they really back in style? Yes! It’s part of the cycle of fashion. Something magazine editors suggested you get rid of several years ago is now back on the shelves.

So now that we know fashion comes around again, here are some styles that have resurfaced this year.

The 1960s brought us Beatniks, the Summer of Love and the Supremes performing in matching sequined gowns. Nancy Sinatra performed “These Boots Were Made for Walking” in her white vinyl knee-high boots and mini-skirt. Let’s add Twiggy, the British supermodel in her mini dresses, and you’ve got a well-rounded time capsule.

What’s in the current fashion lineup that hearkens back to that decade? Here we go: flashy sequined dresses; off-the-shoulder tops and dresses; oversized sunglasses; lots of black jackets to bring the Beatniks to mind; leopard print in anything, including sunglass frames; clashing prints—the ‘60s had stripes with checks and 2019 fashion mixes any print; white boots, shoes, and sandals; fringe jackets, skirts and dresses and embellished jackets. If you want to go back in time, binge-watch these movies from the ‘60s: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “The Thomas Crown Affair” and “Butterfield 8.”

If you’re nostalgic for the 1980s, you could be remembering the glamor and glitz of the televised royal wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles or the TV show “Dynasty” with Joan Collins. Maybe you remember the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

If you want to revisit ‘80s fashion, here are some styles that have resurfaced: acid wash denim; oversized blazers and oversized denim jackets; puffy sleeved tops and dresses as well as one-shoulder dresses; see-through layers; structured shoulders and chunky jewelry. Get in the mood for these looks by watching these popular ‘80s movies: “Fatal Attraction,” “Working Girl” and “Desperately Seeking Susan.”

In the 1990s, Princess Diana died, and the world mourned. There were scandals and dust-ups: President Bill Clinton’s affair and the O.J. Simpson trial. Memorable ‘90s fashion is showing up again this way: Flared jeans (updated in 2019 to flared crop jeans); combat and biker boot styles; platforms; wearing tees under sleeveless dresses; cargo pants; anything netted or mesh; mini bags; baggy clothes; fanny packs; puff sleeves and matched suits. To refresh ‘90s fashion through movies, besides “Thelma and Louise,” watch “Clueless,” “Pretty Woman” and “Basic Instinct.”

Modern women can look great wearing clothes that originated back then. By mixing in new “old” trends with your current wardrobe, you’ll look chic and feel great.

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