Friday, June 09, 2023

Transcendent Active is an American-made modest athleisure brand that utilizes recycled and dead-stock fabric to “repair the [fashion] industry,” by prioritizing environmental sustainability. Guided by her Jewish values of modesty, Aja Cohen, the founder of Transcendent Active, launched her versatile “all day active” collection this past August for women to comfortably and confidently tackle their days with stylish clothing.

Cohen explained, “Modesty is not just about what you are wearing; it is about how you operate and feel on the inside. It is about being ethical and modest across the board. That is why I created an environmentally conscious, American-made clothing brand to reflect these all-encompassing modest values.”

According to Business Insider, the fashion industry has taken a significant toll on our environment, generating 10% of total global carbon emissions. With fast-fashion companies constantly updating their inventories and offering cheap and trendy items, more than 85% of all textiles are directed to landfills each year. Even more, a lot of clothing is made from non-biodegradable material, which when washed, releases hundreds of thousands of microfibers into the ocean every year.

Having worked at a variety of notable fast-fashion companies, Cohen saw firsthand the industry’s detrimental environmental impact and challenged herself to find a solution. The modest athleisure wear market is limited, especially among brands valuing sustainability. As a mother of three children, and needing to efficiently move from one task to another, Cohen understood the demand for a functional and stylish everyday women’s clothing line that is modest in both its production process and final product.

Transcendent Active’s “zero waste” initiative reduces landfill, as well as air and water pollution, by using recycled polyester.

Cohen emphasized the importance of the production process. “Now more than ever with the economic impact of COVID-19, we see the importance of supporting each other. Everyone needs to be sustained and we want to know the individuals making our products, as well as the conditions they work in,” she said. The brand’s pieces are exclusively manufactured in the U.S. to promote the American economy and help local communities.

Transcendent Active celebrates the diversity of women who seek an all-in-one fashion option, without compromising on style. Cohen, who grew up in an Italian Catholic family and converted to Judaism, noted the wide appeal for women across different cultures and religions. “Whether for religious or personal reasons, we are a community for women searching for fashion that reflects our authentic self and inner beauty.”

With the launch of Transcendent Active’s first collection on its website, the clothing brand currently features its “All Day Active Knot Dress” and bestselling “All Day Active Skirt.” Customers have noted their versatile function for exercise, yoga, running errands and date night, combined with its breathable, lightweight material.

One customer emphasized how “innovative” the product was, and a true “must have for your closet!”

Transcendent Active plans to expand its “all day active” collection with upcoming releases this year. To browse Transcendent Active’s clothing line, visit the website at https://transcendentactive.com/ and Instagram @transcendent_active.

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