Saturday, March 25, 2023

Available now at Carly’z Craze.

Transcendent Active was founded by Teaneck resident Aja Cohen in the midst of the pandemic. Since launching in August of 2020, the company has continued to grow into the go-to brand for sustainable, modest activewear. Transcendent Active is built on the pillars of functionality, empowerment, style and sustainability. This line of all day activewear is designed for morning carpools, daily workouts, career commitments, errands and travel. Transcendent Active believes every woman deserves clothing that supports her lifestyle and faith while fostering confidence and style.

“Modesty is not just about what you are wearing; it’s how you operate and feel on the inside,” said Cohen. “It is about being ethical and modest across the board. That is why I created an environmentally conscious, American-made clothing brand to reflect these all-encompassing values.”

Sustainability, the idea of making clothing with less waste, is at the heart of the brand. Having worked at a variety of notable fast-fashion companies, Cohen saw firsthand the industry’s detrimental environmental impact and challenged herself to find a solution. With fast-fashion companies constantly updating their inventories and offering cheap and trendy items, more than 85% of all textiles are directed to landfills each year.

Made entirely in Los Angeles, Transcendent Active combats fast fashion by transforming old plastic water bottles and turning them into beautiful new fabrics. The company’s “zero waste” initiative reduces landfill waste, as well as air and water pollution.

Cohen began selling directly to consumers through her website and various social media channels, and rapidly gained a loyal following. Israeli Orthodox runner Beatie Deutsch is one of her biggest fans. “The quality is like no other,” Deutsch wrote in a testimonial. “It just feels so soft and stretchy. It’s lightweight and breathable.” Last month, Deutsch competed in the Berlin Marathon wearing Transcendent’s Royal All Day Active skirt. The color has been so popular that Cohen jokes she is changing the name to Beatie Blue.

After getting rave reviews from her online customers and wanting to take the next step in her business, Cohen reached out to Alene Brodsky Bloom, owner of Teaneck’s Carly’z Craze. Brodsky Bloom had already been getting lots of phone calls requesting the line from customers. The two local women came together and now Transcendent Active is available in the store. Carly’z Craze sells the line’s best-selling All Day Active skirt as well as the quarter sleeve top and two workout dresses—the Knot Dress and the Jet Set Jumper. The collection is available up to size 3X. For the entire All Day Active collection, customers can shop online.

“It’s so great to have joined forces with another local woman owned business. People want to touch, feel and try things on, and now it’s possible. I am so happy and honored to have Carly’z Craze as my first retailer and hope this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship,” said Cohen. Transcendent Active seeks to expand into more retail locations this year.

The Transcendent Active collection is available at www.transcendentactive.com, on Instagram @transcendent_active and Facebook @TranscendentActive and at Carly’z Craze, 472 Cedar Lane, Teaneck.

By Jewish Link Staff

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