Sunday, September 20, 2020

(Courtesy of CMD Staff) In the latest development for the Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders (CMD) of Englewood, the group has taken significant ownership in Bergenfield Surgical Center.

Bergenfield Surgical Center was built several years ago with the help of MSA Surgical Group at a facility in the Dello Russo Building and Eye Center at 1 North Washington Avenue in Bergenfield.

The state-of-the-art facility has two operating rooms, one pain management room, a recovery room and waiting room, as well as a patient prep room. The group has been performing surgery there for the last four to five years, and with its enlargement and expansion to include three spine surgeons, two orthopedic surgeons, a hand surgeon and a podiatrist, as well as the push toward more activity in ambulatory settings, it became apparent that CMD would need a place of its own to more efficiently perform its surgical cases as well as to enable a greater level of patient satisfaction.


Isaac Abramchayev, director of logistics and a spear header of the acquisition, explained, “It was a state of the art facility very close to our offices in Englewood and Teaneck, and it was being underutilized, so it was a natural fit for us to take both a leadership and ownership role.”

Dr. Winiarsky, the chief of orthopedics for the group, said that the staff is incredible, the efficiency is unparalleled and patient level of satisfaction has never been better. Indeed, many from the Teaneck, Englewood and Bergenfield communities have already gotten some of their pain management as well as their orthopedic procedures performed at the facility.

Dr. Horowitz, who heads the pain management team, commented that he has rarely been in a facility with this degree of efficiency and skilled staff. In addition, Dr. Simhaee commented that patients are more and more requesting that their procedures be done at the Bergenfield Surgical Center.

Dr. Popowitz, director of CMD foot and ankle in New Jersey, has already performed multiple lower extremity surgeries including advanced ankle arthroscopies His patient Elayne Fried stated, “I am a nurse and I know how things can be. Many times people can be rude, make you wait. etc. but that was not my experience here. I highly recommend this facility.”

Of note, several spinal procedures, including lumbar discectomies and lumbar decompressions, have been done. Quoted by Yitz Karasick, a Teaneck resident who had several injections, “Having a cortisone shot at the surgical center couldn’t have been an easier or more comfortable experience. It’s beautiful and a mere couple of miles from my house. Dr. Horowitz was a pleasure to deal with and I was finished and back at home in just over an hour.”

The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorder is a full service orthopedic and pain management practice with services that include spinal, podiatry and hand surgery. Our offices are conveniently located at 177 North Dean Street in Englewood. For any information concerning our practice or the Bergenfield Surgical Center contact Elianna Kranz, CMD community liaison, at [email protected] or to schedule an appointment contact our office at 201-510-3777. Wishing everyone the best of health.