Wednesday, January 27, 2021

(Courtesy of St. Mary’s General Hospital) This week, St. Mary’s General Hospital will host a ribbon cutting and grand re-opening of the new cancer center. The event will feature the newest tool in the hospital’s arsenal against cancer––the TrueBeam® Radiotherapy System. This multi-million dollar system offers powerful and precise treatments for patients that minimizes damage to surrounding tissue, and in some cases, treatment in fewer than five visits.

“Early detection often offers the best hope for successful treatment of cancer,” said Dr. Nazia Khan, director of the cancer center. “Through diagnostic and screening technologies, our experts are able to spot cancer in its earliest stages. The TrueBeam® Radiotherapy System enables our clinical team, led by an expert radiation oncologist, to treat your cancer without surgery, using powerful, state-of-the-art radiotherapy individualized for your condition.”


During the treatment, the beam attacks cancerous cells with micro-millimeter accuracy while minimizing the exposure to nearby healthy tissue. This is non-invasive treatment––no incisions or surgery––rather your physician can use radiotherapy or radiosurgery, whichever is appropriate for your specific cancer. The radiation beam is adjusted to match the size and form of most tumors, regardless of their shape. You can be in and out of the cancer center in 20 minutes.

“Our cancer center is comparable to the best in the tri-state area,” said Edward J. Condit, CEO of St. Mary’s General Hospital. “Some of our cancer fighting tools include: PET/CT, traditional and breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, colonoscopy, 3D mammography, breast ultrasound and stereotactic breast biopsy. Lung cancer screening and a wide variety of tests and expertise for cancers of the blood are also available. We provide many other radiation therapy options, including the most advanced procedures and treatment technology available––RapidArc® volumetric arc therapy, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and image-guided therapy (IGRT).”

The St. Mary’s General Hospital team includes Board Certified Hematology-Oncology professionals who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the blood and lymphatic system. It also boasts one of the highest quality breast surgeons in the area, along with a chemotherapy/infusion team so compassionate that survivors actually come back to visit and thank them for the care they received.

And all of the hospital’s medical experts work hand-in-hand to ensure that patients have a seamless continuum of care, from diagnosis to treatment to post-hospital support.

TrueBeam® has proven its capabilities in treating a broad range of cancer cases with exceptional speed and accuracy in top clinics around the world. However, its value extends far beyond its features and functions. By bringing together diverse capabilities and resources, the TrueBeam® system enables clinicians to focus on patients and treatments rather than systems and technologies. And that makes it possible for St. Mary’s General Hospital to deliver more comprehensive and effective care in treating a wider range of cancer cases––the True Beam® can address the head and neck, lung, breast, prostate, liver and more.

St. Mary’s General Hospital (nationally recognized, locally preferred) is among the top hospitals in the U.S. for health, quality and patient safety. St. Mary’s General is a proud member of Prime Healthcare, which has won more Patient Safety Excellence Award recipients for five consecutive years (2016-2020) than any other health system in the country.

To learn more about how St. Mary’s General Hospital is providing safe care during COVID-19 and in general, please visit the website https://www.smh-nj.com/ or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/StMarysGeneral. For questions, please contact George Matyjewicz, Ph.D., community liaison at [email protected]