Sunday, September 19, 2021

(Courtesy of Jewish Home) For a number of individuals who contracted the COVID-19 virus, recovery from initial symptoms has been followed by other lingering medical issues. There is a great deal now being researched, and written, about “long haul” COVID and even those who may not be “long haulers” who still feel ongoing effects.

“The Jewish Home Family is excited to be offering a new program to help those who are post-COVID fully recover and regain their strength,” said Jewish Home Family President and CEO Carol Silver Elliott. “The program will take a holistic approach to the care of these individuals—addressing both physical and other concerns to help people return to an optimal quality of life.”

To begin, following a thorough medical assessment and consent from the individual’s physician, a treatment plan specifically tailored for each person will be designed. The individual will be admitted to Jewish Home Assisted Living in River Vale for a one- to two-week stay in a beautifully furnished Rehab Hotel room. During that stay, a full day of programming and therapy will take place, including intensive physical therapy as well as occupational and speech therapies as required. A respiratory therapist and a behavioral health specialist are also available as needed. Other programming will include exercise and meditation, along with programs designed for entertainment. A special menu of healthy meals has been developed to support a return to wellbeing.

After this brief stay, the individual will return home, but the service does not stop there. Telehealth services of all appropriate therapies will be scheduled on an ongoing basis to ensure that recovery continues.

The Jewish Home Family is pleased to present this program to the community, continuing their more than 100-year tradition of recognizing and meeting health needs. Please call Charlene Vannucci at 201-478-4264 or email [email protected] for more information.

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