Sunday, May 16, 2021

When a new person comes to Wellsprings Wellness Center, the first question they ask is, “Can you explain to me what PEMF is and how it is going to help me?” I explain the cells of the body and their amazing function in storing water, nutrients, oxygen…and how vital it is to our health to have strong cells. When our cells become weak and can no longer provide us with the full support we require, illness shortly follows.

So what causes the cells to become weak? There are three main factors. The first and most basic is what we eat and drink. Healthy and nutritious food gives us energy, as opposed to unhealthy foods that make us weak. The second cause comes from the environment. When we breathe, we can take in all kinds of pollution and toxins. The third is aging and stress. Yes, stress! Scientists have shown that stress actually causes a physical effect in the body to the extent that it can lead to illness. One or a combination of these factors weakens our cells and can potentially cause both physical and mental disturbances.

Now that you understand that illness comes from declining cells, it is clear that in order to heal we must strengthen them. That’s what PEMF therapy, aka cellular exercise, does. The first thing you notice after lying down on the bed or sitting on the rocking chair is a feeling inside your body; some say it feels like a ticking, others call it an internal massage. When I point out to them that the bed or chair they are on is not moving at all, most people seem surprised. I explain that the electromagnetic pulses originate from the machine, which is then sent to the bed via cables. Inside the bed there are coils that disperse the PEMFs directly to your cells, causing that sensation that they feel. The next thing people notice is that they aren’t feeling the pulsing evenly throughout their body. The reason for this is, even though the coils are distributed throughout, a person generally feels more sensations in the place where they are experiencing pain or difficulty. Why is that? Since wherever there is pain or injury the cells in those areas are weaker, thereby causing the pulsing to produce more of an impact to that spot. As a person gets better, they will begin feeling the pulsing more evenly in their body.

To recap, when cells become weak due to unhealthy habits, stress and aging, a person may become ill. Applying PEMFs rebuilds cells and restores health.

How do electromagnetic fields (PEMF) help rebuild cells? Each cell contains a part called the mitochondrion, which carries an electromagnetic charge. Think of it as the battery of the cell. The function of this battery is to provide energy to the cell and the body. When the cell becomes weak it is due to the mitochondria losing its power. PEMF gives the cell a boost to help jumpstart the mitochondria, thereby revitalizing the cells.

PEMF therapy is very safe, since its frequency is identical to the frequency that is constantly occurring in the body. Unlike medications or other methods of healing that introduce new elements to the body, often causing side effects, PEMF is 100% safe for everyone, even babies, with no negative side effects.

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“I was diagnosed years ago with ulcerative colitis which according to my doctor is incurable. I was given prescription drugs to take daily without which I’d have pain and other symptoms. I tried diet, but that only helped because I was avoiding the problem foods, it didn’t actually heal. I tried alternative medicine, but the healing was extremely slow. I started PEMF few months ago and I’m B”H doing amazingly well. Not only did I see improvement in my colitis, other things improved too. I have more energy, I’m able to handle stressful situations with greater ease, and more. The staff at wellsprings is kind, understanding, caring, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them.”

R.T., Monsey

“Since starting PEMF therapy my son has been speaking clearer and faster. His thinking is much improved and displaying great creativity. He is on the ball, more alert and getting along with his friends and siblings.”

B.M., Spring Valley

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