Saturday, January 28, 2023

Most women and girls can think of a time when they chose style over comfort when dressing for a simcha, and suffered through the evening with pinched toes and sore feet. But a recent trend in weddings and bat mitzvahs shows that some have come up with a creative solution. Instead of the usual ballet flats and heels, these brides and bat mitzvah girls are opting for cute customized sneakers under their long dresses. This choice provides an element of support and practicality that is hard to find in most dress shoes.

The trend began with brides who would change into sneaker heels for the dancing. It then started surfacing at bat mitzvahs, where we began to see Converse peeking out from long tulle dresses. Soon enough, designers jumped on the idea and ran with it, offering many forms of customized sneaker designs for the star of the simcha.

Some designers, like gabriellebala.com, enable you to order custom, bedazzled sneakers, where you can specify different stone colors, names, initials and airbrushed backgrounds. Others, such as Sneakers by Jordana and Emily Tam Hand Painting, offer a unique sneaker with hand-painted artwork and personalized designs. Most include other fun features, like ribbons for laces, light-up sneaker soles, lacy sides, wedge heels and tulle peeking out.

These many options allow the star of the simcha to express her personal style without getting sore feet. And after the simcha ends, she is left with a special souvenir from the event that she can keep, wear, and display.

Rachel Retter is a summer intern at the Jewish Link and a rising senior at Manhattan High School for Girls.



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