Thursday, June 01, 2023

Teaneck—Yuval Graneviz knows what makes a party work. Having worked as a simcha coordinator in Israel, and now the United States, he knows that convenience and affordability are key factors for many customers. “I saw a need for a one-stop event space,” he explained. With this thought in mind he opened up Avenue, an event space on Queen Anne Road.

Avenue has many different party packages available to customers, with a popular package for bar and bat mitzvahs including a DJ. Often, customers ask to customize a package, bringing their own dance instructor, DJ or motivators specific to the bar and bat mitzvah age group, with Jewish music and a female dance crew, foregoing Avenue’s existing DJ. In order to make life easier for his customers—and bring savings to simchas—Avenue approached JAP Entertainment, a DJ and entertainment service specializing in this event type. Together, they partnered to provide another wonderful party package to their customers.

This is not the first time Avenue has updated the space to cater to the clientele. They constantly update the space for a high-energy, fun experience, where families and friends can come in and have everything taken care of for them. Avenue has high-tech colored lighting installed, which can complement a party theme and change the atmosphere. One event was a fire theme, so the lights were red. Another event was ice and snow themed, so they used blue lighting to cast a cold and snowy feel to the area. Screens for slideshows, montages or movies are already there and available as part of a package. The sound system and a photographer come with the space as well.

Recently Avenue added a photo booth as an optional add-on. In a further effort to offer value to his customers, the photos are larger than the standard size at most events.

For any adult who has been to a simcha and felt old based on their distaste for loud music, Avenue has a solution for that, too. They recently offered what’s known as a “silent party.” The DJ connects to wireless headphones, and only the kids hear the music. They’re dancing and jumping, and the adults are able to enjoy talking to their friends without trying to shout over the music.

Everyone is extremely excited about the newest addition to Avenue—next season they plan to unveil an LED dance floor.

“Why do you have to kill your house, destroy your living room, when people can’t even move?” exclaimed Yuval. “People love that they could walk in and didn’t have to take care of the details when they do an event here. We take care of things to whatever extent you want.” With school events, educational conferences, corporate get-togethers, community events, milestone events and even a potluck sheva brachot, Avenue is a perfect location for a diverse range of events.

People who have made parties at Avenue are enthusiastic in their praise. Some refer to the event as “a great party venue,” and “so accommodating.” One mother even praised the lighting as having “magically transporting” her daughter’s bat mitzvah.

With the blend of fun and affordable events, it is no surprise to hear that Avenue attracts customers from beyond the Teaneck area. Customers have come from Riverdale, Edison, Monsey, Englewood and Passaic, to name a few.

“What’s not to like?” asked Yuval. “This is the best job. It’s fun. I’m always in smachot and it’s always a party.”

By Jenny Gans


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