Thursday, June 01, 2023

Teaneck—What makes any teen party more exciting? Every bar or bat mitzvah wants to have something special or different—something that sets their event apart from the other simchas their friends attend. Yuval Granevitz and Avenue Event Space offer solutions for these parties. In the five years it has been open, Avenue has constantly changed and updated to keep parties fresh and exciting. Included in a party experience is a state-of-the-art lighting system, dancers or DJ, screens, projectors, meat or dairy food, drinks, set-up and clean-up. And Yuval does it all for under $7,000.

Just in case this is not enough of a party, Avenue now offers the latest in party crazes. Dubbed “the dance party that is the hottest new trend in parties in New York City,” Quiet Clubbing, or as Avenue titles it—Silent Party—utilizes the latest in technology, in this case Wi-Fi headphones, and for a part of the celebration, kids have the party music pumped into their personal sound system, while the adults are able to move around and converse without the loud volume of party music. Many parents have not heard of or seen a silent party, so the first time they attend one they stand in shock as the kids (who have obviously picked up on the trend way before their parents) start dancing around and instinctively know what to do. Once the parents recover, Yuval actually found that the kids have a great time, and parents end up asking for their own set of headphones to join the not-so-silent silent party. Of course, the silent party and Wi-Fi headphones are included in the party package as well.

While parties have already used and enjoyed the headphones, Avenue is already looking ahead and bringing in the next trend to their event space. Called an “Interactive Dance Floor,” a motion projector over the dance floor beams pictures onto the space. Names, designs and other images change as people step on it. “The pictures actually react to the movement of the party,” explained Yuval.

“We are always moving forward and bringing fun changes to Avenue,” said Yuval. “We cannot wait for the next step of technology for our creative parties.” Avenue’s aim is to put together a cool party, but one that is also affordable.

While not a technology advancement, food trucks have also become increasingly popular and Avenue has its own food truck as well. “The Shakshuka Truck” as it became known in the days before Pesach is part of Avenue’s constant drive to keep up with the trends and offer its customers fun and unique experiences.

Not just for bar and bat mitzvahs, Avenue can accommodate all types of smachot and celebrations. Retirements, anniversaries, sheva brachot, corporate events—they are all doable in an affordable and enjoyable manner.

It may be the beginning of sefirat haomer, but party planning is always on the schedule. Check out Avenue’s Facebook page @AvenueEventSpace for pictures of their exciting events as well as customer feedback.

By Jenny Gans


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