Thursday, May 26, 2022

Look at any Facebook feed at this time of year and one thing is noticeable: table decor and thematic treats are as much a part of the meals as the fish head, apple dipped in honey, and new fruits. Floral centerpieces are a classic Yom Tov table enhancement, but now food itself has become part of the decor and not just something to eat.

For years now, families have offered guests of all ages a candy fish head in lieu of the traditional (and for some, less appetizing) actual fish head. This has become almost as much of a tradition as the classic simanim found in a machzor. Now, World of Goodies on West Englewood Avenue found a variety of novelty items that can be both sweet treats for a sweet new year all Tishrei long, as well as aesthetically pleasing. While some may enjoy wrestling with a candy fish to yank the head off (while simultaneously eating the rest of it because obviously we don’t want to serve that part at the seudah and risk “being a tail,” whatever that means), candy lovers are always in search of the next reason to nosh and wish their friends a chag sameach.

With crystal-clear glass-like lollipops in rich colors, Melville lollipops are a perfect addition to your Yom Tov table. Whether spread out artistically as a table runner, or placed in gift baskets, their eye-catching hues and unique shapes are perfectly themed Yom Tov treats. Green and red apple-shaped lollipops, beehives and honeycombs add a classy touch to the sweet-themed new year. Since most people don’t hang actual fruit from their sukkah, adding fruit candy to the table is also a great way to make a sukkah centerpiece.

Honey has come a long way from the traditional honey bears of past years. World of Goodies has a variety of honeys from Israel. From the land flowing with milk and honey comes beautifully jarred honey, pollinated from avocado flowers and citrus blossoms. For those looking for real exotic honey, World of Goodies also has honey sticks. For those unfamiliar, honey sticks are single-serve honey portions in what looks like a straw with the ends sealed. With over 20 flavors of honey sticks, including cinnamon, chocolate, mango, mint and orange, honey tastings may soon be a part of the Yom Tov meal as well.

World of Goodies also carries a variety of gift sets, which if the hosts don’t eat the tasty confections before the meal can be a beautiful centerpiece. Chocolate-covered Oreos, apple- and shofar-shaped chocolates and shana tova-stamped chocolate lollipops. Of course, for those who love all different types of candy, an apple-shaped dish filled with any of the candies from World of Goodies’ expansive displays will be sure to please all candy fanatics.

World of Goodies looks to make Yom Tov a sweeter experience, and for those who want to treat their staff, they offer special discounts for corporate orders and school orders.

Wishing candy connoisseurs and all readers a shana tova u’metuka with the sweetest of treats.

By Jenny Gans

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