Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Just like that, another seven weeks of sefira have almost passed. As the days to Shavuot near, and Jews prepare to receive the Torah, everyone is also busy preparing the perfect tablescape and Pinterest-worthy foods for guests to enjoy. Of course, floral arrangements for Shavuot are a given, but if anyone wants to try their hand as a “budding” Martha Stewart, here are some ways to let the flower theme bloom across the table.

Floral Food

Companies make bakeware and cookware to match almost any theme. Working the flower shape into the food for the seudot is a fun and visually appealing part of meal prep, and can be done in many ways. Flower-shaped pans, available at Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath and Beyond and, as if we even need to say it, Amazon, add a touch of floral whimsy to any food you serve and make everything about them say Shavuot. If you don’t own them (they’re adorable but, full disclosure, they are a pain to clean), opt for regular muffins in a floral-patterned muffin liner and save yourself the cleanup time and kitchen space. If you own a cookie press, Shavuot is a perfect time to pull it out and find the flower shapes in that set. Flower-shaped chocolate lollipops can also be a great Shavuot dessert.

Flower-themed foods offer a great opportunity to let kids get involved in the preparation for Yom Tov and express their creativity. Depending on their age, a certain measure of independence can be given and they can own their work.

Serving Pieces

Many serving pieces have a floral motif and Shavuot is a great time to use them. On The Table in Teaneck carries a variety of salt and pepper shakers. With a delicate look, they are a showstopper for any Shabbat or Yom Tov table. Also available are floral platters and floral salad servers, which will enhance any Shavuot table, and they integrate seamlessly into year-round Shabbat tables so a purchase for Shavuot is usable any week.

Table Decor

With Shabbat going into Shavuot no one should be intimidated by doing dishes. Disposable tableware is no longer the flimsy and plain paper plates of the past. Whether you call them “disposables” or make it sound fancy and use the Hebrew “Chad Pa’ami” (single use), dozens of beautiful patterns exist, many of which are, you guessed it, floral. A quick search online yields many different patterns. Locally, Amazing Savings and Party City have a variety of floral goods, from napkins to plates and cups to add springtime cheer to the Shavuot table.

Short, Small Centerpieces

Even with all the floral decor available today, there’s no substitute for the beauty of fresh-cut flowers. For those who want to add do-it-yourself fresh bouquets, here are some ways to spread the flower cheer.

If you’re using flowers as centerpieces on your dining room table, it is recommended to keep the arrangements short. Flowers that are too tall end up cutting off conversation or forcing guests to sit at weird angles to talk to the person across.

Some flowers are edible, or at least food friendly and can be arranged artfully on a salad. A floral garnish is a subtle but beautiful way to add blossoms to the meal.

With all these tips, The Simcha Link wishes you a chag sameach.

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