Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Simcha ChipIn, a brand-new website designed to simplify group and individual gifting, is excited to deliver new ways to enhance simchas, no matter the occasion. The brainchild of Tova Lutz, the service combines individual ChipIns to send beautiful gifts to bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, engagement parties, teacher appreciations, bridal showers or any life-cycle event.

A Passaic native, Lutz created the site after years of coordinating group gifts for friends and family, determined to find a better way to chip in. Her solution makes gift-giving easy and has already been used by a number of people. Speaking with The Jewish Link in an interview, Lutz detailed how the service works and why it’s so useful.

“Simcha ChipIn is designed to remove all the stress involved in group gifting,” Lutz shared. “Now if there’s an event coming up where friends want to ChipIn to send something special, neither the ChipIn organizer nor participants need to be bothered with keeping track of all the people involved, making sure they’re all getting the money in, selecting the gift, and getting it delivered. Now, Simcha ChipIn does it all.”

Anyone can go to the site to search for and ChipIn to a simcha, and users can even invite others to ChipIn with them. Want to send your own gift? Simply click on the individual gift option and Simcha ChipIn will take care of the rest.

“Another benefit of Simcha ChipIn is that if there is a need to exchange a gift, the recipient can simply go to his local store that filled the order,” Lutz continued. “And all participating food vendors are under local rabinic supervision.”

The service works with vendors in the community to prepare and deliver a beautiful gift to the simcha along with a lovely note listing all ChipIn participants. Simcha ChipIn’s partners include Glatt Express, The World Of Goodies, Poppy’s Bagels, On The Table, The Linen Shop and many others.

“People are so busy today,” Lutz added. “We don’t often have time to go out shopping for a gift. This is a way for friends to do something just as good: getting anyone a gift from one of their own local favorite stores. The service aims to take care of everything for you: we bring the ease of online shopping to the group-gifting arena, all while supporting local community vendors. The best part about it is that it’s as easy as clicking a few buttons.”

For more information about Simcha ChipIn you can visit www.simchachipin.com or reach out to Tova Lutz by email at [email protected]

By Adam Samuel

Adam Samuel is a journalist from Teaneck. He blogs at adamssoapbox.com.

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