Monday, March 27, 2023

Triple S Studios is bringing the sophistication of their professionally produced audio-visual events, usually reserved for fundraising galas, to webcasting for weddings. With weddings limited to a small number of in-person guests, webcasts are capturing all the action and emotion to keep virtual audiences feeling like they’re part of the event.

Platforms like Zoom are fine for chatting with friends, or business meetings, explained Zev Savetsky, one of the three brothers who run Triple S Studios. Weddings are more dynamic; you can’t just place a laptop on a table, or walk around with a phone camera and hope you’re getting a good view and decent sound. “If the picture isn’t watchable or there isn’t quality audio, people are going to tune out. If the picture is crystal clear and they’re engaged, they’ll keep watching.”

A livestream webcast requires technical expertise and equipment. It’s continuous—no stopping to get the right angle or edit out a mistake. You don’t want to worry about the internet connection or cell service failing. Triple S Studios brings professional broadcast cameras, microphones and a backpack with commercial cell modems connected to a device that combines data to upload video. A professional camera operator moves around to get to where the action is. If you just have a stationary laptop, you risk disasters like sun flares washing out the screen, or someone having a nice chat in front of the camera, blocking the view.

Jewish organizations and schools that have used Triple S Studios to manage the audio-visual portion of their events know they are in good hands. Howard Katzoff runs the Zionist Organization of America dinners and relies on Joseph Savetsky to handle all the tech. “So many things go into our New York dinner—a huge ballroom, photography, entertainment, VIP reception, multiple screens and entertainment—but the A/V is the one thing we never have to worry about,” he said. “It’s sort of overwhelming what Joe does; he’s multi-talented and multi-faceted. There’s never a hitch. If anything happened, he fixed it so fast only he would know about it.”

Jamie Reichmann, development director for Kellman Brown Academy, a Jewish day school in Voorhees Township, New Jersey, said Triple S Studios was able to give her exactly what she had envisioned for the school’s gala dinner. When she realized that the dinner, which had been rescheduled from April 2 to June 11, was not going to be doable in person, she began researching her options. She wanted something better than a Zoom call to engage donors, and was referred to Triple S Studios. “Joe Savetsky showed me the potential for an online show and I fell in love; it was exactly what I wanted,” she said. “He brought a sense of professionalism and a high-caliber platform that made our vision a reality.”

The company began with David Savetsky back in the 1970s. He made a film when he went to Israel, and showed it in his shul in the Bronx. It was a big hit. He saw there was a niche in photography for Jewish weddings that would be much better handled by someone who understood the culture. He began to work in photography as a second job and his business grew. His sons, Rachmi, Joe and Zev, got involved as they got older and introduced video. They began to get requests to put up a screen at events, so they bought one. They would plug into the band’s speakers for sound and then decided to get their own speakers. Slowly they began to purchase all the equipment needed for top-tier audio and video, and moved into producing events for Jewish organizational dinners and school graduations.

The company outgrew the space they had rented in Fort Lee and recently moved to Teaneck. Now most of the family is located in the Teaneck and Bergenfield areas with brother Rachmi in Queens. The last few months have been difficult, with live events at a standstill, but now events are coming back and Triple S Studios is coming full circle in a way, with a return to webcast weddings.

“We have the niche, experience and webcasting equipment,” said Savetsky. “Our viewers will feel like they are at the wedding.”

For more information about webcast weddings and other simchas, contact Zev Savetsky at 201/805-2476.

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