July 15, 2024
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July 15, 2024
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Montreal Eateries

Please note there is one kosher restaurant in downtown Montreal that is only open during the day and it is in the Chabad House on Peel Street. See information below. There are two Second Cup coffee establishments—one at 2200 McGill College Ave. and the other 1386 Green Avenue in Westmount—where they offer kosher sandwiches and Danish options. You must ask which are kosher. Note that all frozen drinks at Second Cup are kosher, as well as the syrups for coffees. Second Cup is the Canadian equivalent of Starbucks; they are everywhere. If in doubt, call the Vaad, the Jewish Community Council of Montreal. Acceptable kosher symbols are MK, COR and KSR.


Chiyoko: Fish and meat, 2113 St. Louis St. Laurent. 514 804 0581 Reservations a good idea.

Chops Resto Bar: Most expensive restaurant in Montreal. Reservations necessary. Excellent Asian, fusion and steaks. 5322 Chemin Queen Mary. 514 759 4677

City Grill: Burgers and fries, 5055 Queen Mary Road,
514 543 5055

Deli 770: Smoked meat, salads, sandwiches, 265 Alexis Nihon Blvd St. Laurent, 514 748 0770

Exception Bistro: Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Dairy. Great to have breakfast on the terrasse. You will be spoiled by this. Be sure to buy the whole-wheat challahs if you are there before Shabbat. Reservations for dinner. 514 344 0508

Luzzatto: In the Ramada Plaza Montreal, family friendly. Meat. No reservations necessary. 6445 Decarie Blvd, 514 739 8583

Mozart Restaurant: Dairy/fish, family friendly. Ask if reservation is necessary. 5335A Queen Mary, 514 739 7707

Pizza Gourmetti: Dairy, 5795 Victoria (directly across the street from Kosher Quality Bakery), 514 739 7707

Pizza Pita: Dairy, family friendly. Drive-up car order line. Try the poutine. 6415
Decarie Blvd., 514 731 7842

Saizen Sushi Bar: 5177 Decarie Blvd, 514 731 7482

Yakimono Sushi Bar: Pareve/fish. Some say this is the best sushi they have ever eaten. Reservations necessary. 4210 Decarie Blvd, 514 484 1515

Cavendish Mall Food Court: 5800 Cavendish Boulevard, Cote St. Luc (not far from anything). Plenty of room for kids to run around and an indoor playground nearby.

Boca: Dairy (opposite the food court)

Jerusalem Express: Shawarma, falafel, etc., 514 488 5382

Kosher Pizza Bar: 514 488 4444

Deli Boyz: 514 489 3354

Sushi Metsuyan: 514 369 1818

Cafe De L’Avenue: Dairy.
514 485 2233

Cafe De L’Avenue: Dairy, in the Cavendish Mall, 5800 Cavendish Blvd. 514 485 2233

Bakeries: (there are many other bakeries scattered all over the city; these are the main ones)

Cheskie’s: 359 Bernard, 514 271 2253 (You won’t be sorry; was highlighted in Gourmet Magazine years ago)

Kosher Quality: 3855 Victoria Blvd, 514 731 7883 (Try the cheese bagels, and say hi to Mr. Klein.)

La Marguerite: 6630 Côte St. Luc Rd, Cote St. Luc. Sefardi delicacies. Outstanding. Not open Monday and Tuesday, 514 488 4111 (Say hi to Gaby and Moshe.) Delicious take-out food with a zing.

Patisserie Adar: 5634 Westminster, Cote St. Luc. Delicious pastry, rolls and croissants. Take out. 514 484 1189

Beyond Food: Clothes Shopping in Montreal:

For children: All of these establishments are within one block of each other, if not in the same building.

Aritex Children’s Wear: 160 St Viateur E #812, 514 271 1461

Lollipop Childrenswear: Women and teens, and robes for all. 160 St Viateur E #501,
514 277 4761

Pearl Coat: Primarily for boys. Shabbat coats. 6455 de Gaspe #103, 514 278 5043

Un, Deux, Trois: 5425 Casgrain #104 (street level),
514 276 1150

Ladies’ Hats:

Nicole and Co: 9200 Park Avenue #407, 514 383 5599

Ophelie: 7050 Victoria #415 (might have moved). Please call 514 341 8264.

By Nina Glick (with a big hug to Marci Whitman for keeping me au courant)


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