July 18, 2024
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July 18, 2024
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Naaleh High School Celebrates Inaugural Dinner

(Courtesy of Naaleh High School for Girls) Naaleh High School for Girls is proud to announce its inaugural dinner, which will take place on Tuesday, March 8. The theme of the evening, “Four Grades in Four Years,” celebrates the growth of Naaleh from its opening in 2018 to the robust and thriving high school it is today, with its first graduating class this coming spring.

Naaleh’s success has been guided by siyata dishmaya and built on the foundation and hard work of families who believed in the school from its inception. Their confidence and unwavering dedication to all elements of Naaleh reflect who they are as families in their own homes and communities. The Guests of Honor, Jonathan and Anat Stein, and the Kesser Shem Tov Award recipients Rabbi Ari and Michal Zahtz, have provided support and dedication to Naaleh from day one. Naaleh is also proud to honor its very first graduating class, the Class of 2022, 29 pioneers and leaders who shaped the path of the school.

With an all-star faculty dedicated to the growth of the students inside and outside the classroom, all of the school’s students are given the opportunity to soar. With multiple tracks, enrichment and support, clubs and student-run committees, the school looks for ways to empower its students daily. Every student has a voice and a chance to shine, while developing long-lasting friendships and relationships with peers and faculty members.

Students are afforded the opportunity to showcase their Torah knowledge and give back to their communities. At Naaleh, they believe in the importance of inspiring young women as they create their own paths in life. Through challenging and meaningful limudei kodesh classes, a rigorous academic program, a devoted faculty and amazing friends, the quintessential Naaleh girl emerges from its four-year program ready and eager to face whatever lies ahead with poise and sophistication.

They are looking forward to reflecting on how far the school has come in four short years, and celebrating the Class of 2022 while fundraising and looking ahead to the future.


Celebrating Naaleh Graduating Class of 2022:

Noa Berger                          Chana Littwin                   Chaya Rybak

Ruti Frohlich                      Rivka Lynn                          Adina Simchi

Ziggy Garb                            Sara Menasse                      Baila Stein

Leah Goldfischer                               Kayla Murad                        Rena Stern

Elana Israel                         Bella Neiss                          Shayna Summers

Hodaya Katz                        Leora Nissel                        Rachel Teigman

Meira Kirshner                  Aura Pahmer                       Chayala Walzman

Rebecca Klahr                     Ariella Reich                       Mali Weitz

Leah Kossove                     Yaffa Rochwarger                              Adina Zahtz

Eliana Leiser                       Esti Rothman

Guests of Honor:

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan and Anat Stein

Modest, unassuming, reliable, and dependable are just a few of the adjectives describing these honorees. Jonathan and Anat Stein have been champions of Naaleh from the start. In their incredibly giving, chesed-oriented nature, they have opened their home countless times to host numerous Naaleh functions—including parlor meetings, parent evenings, shalosh seudot for the school shabbaton, and events for prospective students, to name a few.

The Steins are the family they know they can count on for everything. Anat has been on the parent council for several years: Her insights and ideas continue to prove how much she believes in the institution, and her dedication shows how much she is invested in its success. Jonathan, who is part of the management team of Hess Midstream, is engaged in the Passaic community at large, hosting a weekly Friday night minyan in their home while also maintaining involvement in his shul. Most importantly, as far as Naaleh students are concerned, Jonathan can be counted on to help the statistics class with their homework.

Jonathan and Anat are the proud parents and grandparents of Tanya, Doni, Tzvi and Molly, Aki, Abigail and Victoria, the school’s head Madricha Mina and her chosson Noah, Yitzy, one of Naaleh’s seniors Baila, and Shabsi. Naaleh is thrilled to honor one of the true backbones of the Naaleh Class of 2022, and thanks them again for all that they do for the Naaleh family.


Kesser Shem Tov Award:

Rabbi Ari & Mrs. Michal Zahtz

Naaleh is proud to pay tribute and bestow the Kesser Shem Tov Award to one of the Naaleh pioneers, Rabbi Ari and Mrs. Michal Zahtz. As the proud parents of two distinguished students in the school—Adina, who was the second student registered for its inaugural class four years ago; and Shifra, who joined Naaleh two years later and is an integral part of its sophomore class—the Zahtzes are being honored for their contributions to the community as a whole, and for their dedication to the institution.

Rabbi Zahtz is the associate rabbi at Bnai Yeshurun, as well as a maggid shiur at Yeshiva University. While heading up kashrut at the RCBC, he still finds time to pursue his active hobby of running. Michal is a physical therapist by training and currently teaches Tanach at The Frisch School as well as kallah classes to many girls from the community. She also played an instrumental role in bringing iShine to Bergen County, and currently helps run our local iShine branch, where many Naaleh seniors are active weekly volunteers. An avid cyclist, she spends her summers biking the Catskills and working in Camp Kaylie.

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Zahtz have served as an important sounding board for the leadership of Naaleh. Rabbi Zahtz can always be counted on for advice when starting and implementing new initiatives in the school. Michal, who believes passionately in providing a well-rounded education to the girls, helped start the photography and guitar clubs, and she helped get the cameras as well! The school has been built with the support of outstanding families like the Zahtzes, and they are proud to publicly thank them along with their amazing children Yaakov, Adina, Shifra, Shoshana, Malki and Shmuel.

Naaleh looks forward to welcoming you on the evening of March 8. For more information or to make a donation please visit https://www.rayze.it/naalehgive/

Deena Kobre: head of school; Amy Pearlman and Elana Smilow: dinner co-chairs; Rachel Burg, Mindy Neiss, Arielle Pachter, Renee Schneier, Beth Schwartz, Rachelle Schwartz, Alisa Weinberg, Audrey Weitz: dinner committee.

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