November 30, 2023
November 30, 2023

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New Anti-Zionist Documentary “Israelism: Exposed” To Screen at 60+ Locations

A new documentary created by two Jewish day school graduates, along with Cornell West and Noam Chomsky, touts itself as a film “for those that want the whole truth” about the Israel-Palestinian conflict. “Israelism: Exposed” features perspectives of Jews in America who feel that they were not exposed to criticism of Israel, and aims to paint Zionism as one-sided and all-consuming. Now, the self-hating documentary is set to screen at over 60 locations, including at several college campuses across the country.

The website for “Israelism” offers the following context for the film:

“Israelism’s release comes at a key moment for Israel and its relationship with the US and the Jewish diaspora. Protests in Israel against the right-wing ruling government’s plans to overhaul the judiciary system and further undermine democracy dominate today’s news from the region. Even longtime defenders of Israel like New York Times columnist Tom Friedman have grown increasingly critical of the Israeli government and anxious about its direction. American Jews are more willing to criticize Israel than at any time in recent memory, with 25% of all American Jews and 38% of Jews under 40 agreeing with the statement “Israel is an apartheid state.”

The site also lists upcoming screenings in the next several weeks:

11/19 – Oberlin College

11/20 – University of Akron

11/28 – University of Pennsylvania

11/28 – Yale University

11/29 – Wesleyan University

11/29 – University of Windsor, Canada

12/2 – Emory University

More information about “Israelism” can be found at To take action, contact university administrators and urge them to cancel screenings.


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