September 22, 2023
September 22, 2023

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New Products for Rosh Hashanah

Plus, discover new ideas on, your one-stop destination for all things kosher.

(Courtesy of KAYCO) Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are both around the corner, but warm, sweet meals and memories last a lifetime. Rosh Hashanah means festive family holiday meals, with certain symbolic foods eaten to express wishes and prayers for a good year. One such tradition is dipping apples in honey and honey on challah for sweetness, while other traditional recipes and new recipes include brisket and other new, scrumptious creations like short ribs and salmon. KAYCO, America’s largest source for on-trend, gourmet-forward kosher products, and, the leading destination for all things kosher food, have teamed up to unveil new products, recipes, usages and other super-sweet products to help reinvent how we celebrate a sweet New Year during the holiday and every day.

New to the Rosh Hashanah table is the Heaven & Earth Date Syrup in a 12-ounce bottle at an SRP of $5.49 and Heaven & Earth Granulated Date “Sugar,” also at 12 ounces at an SRP of $7.49. Both the syrup and the ‘sugar’ are made with only one ingredient—100% dates. A low glycemic, better-for-you sweetener, dates make for a perfect replacement for sugar, honey, maple syrup and molasses. The Heaven & Earth Syrup and Granulated “Sugar” varieties are ideal ingredients for baking, cooking and adding to your morning coffee or tea. Available in both syrup and granulated “sugar” varieties, they are certified vegan and gluten-free.

Also, a featured product at the table is the delicious Manischewitz Apple Butter at an SRP of $6.49. Combining the traditions of apple and the sweetness of honey butter, this item is perfect for your challah, in recipes, and as an alternative to dipping apples. For “7 Sweet Ways to Use Apple Butter This Rosh Hashanah, visit:

As for “must-have” products to celebrate the New Year, the most popular staples include Gefen 1lb Honey Bear at an SRP of $8.79 and Gefen 2lb Honey Bear at an SRP of $13.99, along with the Manischewitz Honey Bear at an SRP of $6.49. No Rosh Hashanah celebration could pass the test without traditional honey. This year, discover “The Top 10 Uses for Honey” at

Brisket and other recipes never tasted so good made with Tuscanini Sweet White and Red Cooking Wine at an SRP of $9.99. Tuscanini offers authentic made-in-Italy foods with the highest quality ingredients for a real taste of the country, enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. These delicious, imported cooking wines from Italy offer sweet solutions to traditional favorites.

Check out some new delicious red wine recipes here:, and some new scrumptious options using the white wine here:

Last, but certainly not least, Gefen has created a Homestyle Apple Cake so sweet and delicious you may claim it as your own homemade recipe. Available in 15.89-oz packages.

This Jewish New Year, be sure to visit, the premier site for kosher and authentic Jewish cooking and conversation, the No. 1 destination for all things regarding Jewish and kosher food. The site features top-quality kosher recipes by award-winning chefs, interesting articles and helpful cooking tips, addictively delicious and entertaining cooking videos, and everything necessary to make unforgettable meals. New cooking shows and content are updated regularly to coincide with holidays like Rosh Hashanah. is geared for everyone, including those who are Jewish, to keep kosher, as well as anyone interested in Jewish food. Whether you are a new cook still trying to figure out how to make a boiled egg, or a gourmet chef looking for new and creative ideas to impress important guests, is the destination for you. has thousands of recipes, hundreds of original videos that will teach techniques to take cooking to the next level, as well as advice about wine pairings to elevate home-cooked meals.

The site allows users to interact with the community. Users are encouraged to try a recipe, review it and share results with other readers. also is there for advice if one runs into trouble when the dough doesn’t rise or the soup is too salty. Users can just ask for help, and the expert chefs and helpful community will offer advice. The “Contact us” link is there for any questions, and for those interested in contributing original recipes, join the Community Chef recipe contributors.

“We wish all of our consumers the sweetest Holiday season,” said Shani Seidman, CMO of Kayco Kosher Food Brands. “These delectable products, new recipes and educational programs on for the New Year will add joy to any family celebration and can be enjoyed all year long.”

For more information, go to, and for the most amazing lineup of exciting Rosh Hashanah recipes and to see new holiday shows, go to

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