May 29, 2024
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May 29, 2024
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Nutrition for My Soul: Lifestyle Transformational Homeopathy

It’s 6 a.m., my phone begins to vibrate with messages coming in from all over the world. People crying out for help for themselves and their children:

“My child is having a reaction from a medication or vaccine, we are terrified!”

“I’m having a panic attack!”

“I just got diagnosed with…”

“I have so much pain, I can’t move…”

“I can’t sleep; I am constantly in anxiety, panic and the worry is taking over!”

The stress in today’s society is increasing daily. The rate of addictions, disease and loss of happiness is constantly on the rise. Doctors cannot make an effective vaccine for these current epidemics. Even holistic experts are at a loss for how to restore healing to our sick generation.

Twenty years ago, when I gave birth to my first child, I noticed a limitation to what was accessible in health care. I was determined to find a different way to raise healthy children and lead a better lifestyle for my loved ones, while giving back to the world at large. Today, after many sleepless nights, and many hours of training and mentorship, I can proudly offer substantial knowledge and programming to address these issues.

On my journey, I took note that we seem unconsciously programmed to believe that health and happiness are outside of us, for example, how we look, or what we eat… But is that really true? What if the way to the external results indeed stems from inside of us? Perhaps, to have an improved external reality, it all comes from how we feel inside our soul?

In my search for answers, I found energetic nutritional supplements that have actually been around for centuries. One can take these supplements during times of hardship and heal the root cause of a challenge or disease from the inside out. This can simultaneously alleviate the symptoms of any challenges naturally while we heal and grow.

For two decades I have been in professional practice guiding clients at Nutrition for the Soul Lifestyle Homeopath, and I am also an inspirational influencer. I help bring clarity, confidence, courage and cash flow that is available to you when you don’t have the right tools to tap into it… YET! So hang on tight, you are almost there.

Over the years, I have gone through struggles as well, both personally and professionally: health challenges, relationship hardships and large debt emergencies. I too have felt completely helpless, out of control and terrified. This led me to create my “lifestyle transforming homeopathic system.” I personally experienced its miraculous results as this integrative, homeopathic route uncovered layers beneath all of my suffering, revealing a cure for me and many others who seek my help. Through customized formulas you can have the opportunity to come out of a challenge as a stronger individual, both inside and out. With the right help you will feel healthier, happier and empowered. Your body and soul will be in alignment and your vital life force will be reignited and you can feel better about being “you”!

As the founder of Nutrition for the Soul, my belief is that nutrition goes beyond external food and supplements. The term “primary” food is actually not just what’s on your plate, but what’s in your life, in your thoughts and how you manage your stress, exercise, career, spiritual practice and family life.

Many times, your primary food has more of an impact on your health than the food you eat. It’s health from the inside out. Research actually shows that 80 percent of our state of wellbeing stems from our emotional health. Once you have the foundational necessities you don’t need to hide your pain behind an addiction, prescription medicine bottles or external luxuries.

Over the past two decades, I endlessly researched, studied and received certifications in the combination of science and the secrets of the human body, mind and spirit. I learned about Quantum Energy Medicine modalities, homeopathy, flower essences, CEASE therapy, neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology. This inspired me to create and develop the “Quantum Healing for the Soul System.” Along the way, I was honored to be featured as an expert and receive endorsements for my work at the Hippocrates Health Institute, and I enjoyed sharing the stage with top doctors and world influencers such as Dr. Bob Sears, Dr. Pamela Middleton, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin and Dr. Miriam Adahan. I am a best-selling and award-winning author of “Messages That Matter and Finding Inner Happiness.” I am also a proud mom of three children ages 20, 19 and 10. I would love to help you find your path to success and healing.

Please join me at my next two empowering local events: “Lunch and Learn,” Wednesday, February 6 at noon in Teaneck, and “The Secret to a Homeopathic Healthy Lifestyle.” Reserve now, and for details: 424-226-8072 and; text code Expedite2019 for a free 15-minute evaluation. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

By Tania Dilmani


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