December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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I am writing regarding the main article on the front page issue of your November 9, 2022 issue, “Midterm Takeaways for Israel, US Jews.” The journalist, Ben Samuels, writes, “GOP candidates embroiled in controversies touching upon antisemitism were defeated.” After making that strong anti-Republican statement, nowhere in the article does he give any evidence that any Republican candidate said or did anything antisemitic! Samuels attacks Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin, who was a New York gubernatorial candidate, as being one of Trump’s most notable supporters. Why was that necessary?

Samuels states that Doug Mastriano, a non-Jew running for governor of Pennsylvania, “reportedly took a busload of people to Washington on January 6 prior to the insurrection at the Capitol…”” Is that journalism? He “reportedly took”? Was it really an “insurrection”? Were all the tens of thousands of people who went to Washington that day involved in crashing and entering the Capitol building?

This is not objective journalism, but deceitful reporting only meant to disparage the Republican Party, and all Republicans.

Martin Polack
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