September 26, 2023
September 26, 2023

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Once-Loved Fashions Find New Homes at The Hangout

Breaking up with an outfit you used to love is hard to do. But getting some cash, and letting someone else enjoy it, can ease the separation. That gorgeous outfit you no longer wear is just right for someone who loves beautiful clothes, but can’t—or won’t—splurge on new designer fashions. If you’re looking to sell or buy, get to know The Hangout, at 8 North Dean Street, Englewood, a new consignment shop for women’s fabulous clothes.

Lauren Turk, who grew up in Teaneck, started The Hangout after a decade of buying clothes at consignment stores. “It didn’t bother me that someone wore them before I did,” she said. “I’m not going to buy something if it’s not good quality and beautiful.”

Turk said she realized there was a need for a store like this in Englewood—and made the decision that she would be the one to make it happen. “I always dreamed of having a store,” she said. “I walked up and down North Dean Street and saw seven or eight vacancies. I walked in here and this was it.”

Clothes, shoes and pocketbooks at The Hangout are labeled new, pre-owned excellent, or pre-owned good and priced accordingly. Over 60% have never been worn and still have price tags. A pair of Louboutin heels that originally sold for $695 is $295. A pair of Prada shoes is $75. When I visited at the opening, the collection included a Lanvin green silk pleated mid-length dress and an Oscar de la Renta gown that retailed for $1,500.

Cute, perky, casual clothes for younger customers have their own section. “I don’t want to have only high-end clothing,” said Turk, “I want clothes for the younger community, like the girls who are downtown on Friday afternoons who can come in to browse and shop.”

Turk makes her selections according to what she thinks will sell and what she may need at the time. She will accept one item or a collection. A seller can bring items to the store, or Turk will go to the house and they can look through the closet together. And she doesn’t choose only name brand designers; she looks at the style and quality of a piece. Sellers get 50% to 70% of the price the item eventually sells for.

The store itself has designer quality. Turk worked with designer Jack Levy and her friend Elizabeth Sutton, who designed all the wallpaper. She wants the store to be a place for events and gatherings, so people can hang out at The Hangout.

Follow the Hangout on Instagram @thehangoutnj, visit, email [email protected] or call 201-732-7070 for more information.

By Bracha Schwartz

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