Monday, March 27, 2023

Specific achievements were registered in the struggle against ISIS. Arab media outlets reported that Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Syrian forces pushed ISIS fighters away from the Syrian capital city of Damascus and caused damage to the terrorist organization’s facilities. According to Iranian Press TV, the Syrian Army is determined to prevent the terrorist organization from harming governmental institutions. Most of the fighting occurred in Jobar, east of the Syrian capital city. There was a heavy air raid in the area and foot soldiers.

There were more clashes as the Syrian Army tried to gain access to the cities dominated by armed groups east of Damascus, the Syrian capital. ISIS continues to try to take over nearby cities in order to establish an Islamic Caliphate. Jobar, Dohania and Kabas, were attacked by Islamist extremists and the residents were evacuated.

“Armed men attacked the neighborhood this (Tuesday) morning,” Rema, a resident of the area, stated. “They waved black flags and drove us from our homes. We put our coats over our pajamas and were transferred to another area via a secret tunnel.” She said they were released after being held for a number of hours in a school where explosives are produced.

By Rachel Avraham


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