September 28, 2023
September 28, 2023

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At ParkEight, residents live in luxury and comfort at their finest. The ambience, tranquility, convenient location, and quality of ParkEight’s community of eight boutique condominium buildings allow residents to enjoy the serene greenery surroundings of their Bakka neighborhood, while minutes away from Jerusalem’s city center.

“We are different from other luxury developments in Jerusalem who tend to be deserted throughout the year. ParkEight is situated in the heart of a thriving neighborhood and will be an integral part of lively Bakka living, which features some of the city’s finest schools, kindergartens, and synagogues,” said Ariyel Maresky, Operations and Marketing Director of ParkEight.

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of ParkEight is the spacious yards of the condominiums. While many residential homes and apartments in Jerusalem lack the spacious areas desired by so many, ParkEight’s private gardens and pleasant outdoor areas truly complement residents who enjoy a soothing piece of the outdoors, which is a desirable, yet difficult, element to find in Jerusalem.

“Many of our buyers are families who are coming on aliya from North America, UK, and Australia, who are used to living in large houses with gardens and are looking for similar houses in Jerusalem. Since almost all new developments in Israel are towers and high-density high-rise buildings, and because the cost of buying private homes in Jerusalem [is] astronomical, our ParkEight residential homes are extremely attractive to those buyers,” added Maresky.

In regards to the incredible location, Ezri Levi, former CEO of the Jerusalem Development Authority, sums up ParkEight’s residential living in one word—“a neighborhood.” He commented, “The good old sense of the word. Residents know and greet each other; intimate coffee shops are pleasant meeting places for residents and visitors. The enchanting architecture, together with the recently developed running and bike path along the old train track, and the impressive reconstructed old railway compound strengthen the neighborhood’s charm.”

The unique combination of outstanding location, beautiful interiors, and spacious exteriors permit ParkEight residents to live a life of ease, delight, and absolute bliss.

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