May 19, 2024
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May 19, 2024
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Passover Listings Provides Reliable Reviews for Pesach Travelers

(Courtesy of Passover Listings) Passover Listings, the highest-rated Passover program review site in the world, offers reviews on the most acclaimed Passover programs in the world.

The site is amazing. It has easy-to-view reviews on Passover programs in the United States, Mexico, Israel, Europe and even the Middle East. Program operators love it because it increases exposure to their programs, and families use the website as an accessible, one-stop resource for information about different programs available on Pesach.

“We want to make it easier and more transparent for a Pesach vacationer to choose from one of many amazing Passover programs,” said Doni Schwartz, co-founder of Passover Listings. “People who come to our website love it because for the first time ever they can choose a program based on people who have actually been on the program in the past.”

The reviews focus on the entire experience the vacationer will have on the Passover program, including the food, entertainment, amenities, tea rooms, service, staff, location, price, speakers and quality of the children’s activities. They provide the traveler with deeper insights about the trips so there will be fewer, if none, unwanted surprises when the family arrives at their incredible destination. They can have comfort knowing the trip they will enjoy is exactly the trip they signed up for.

Program operators love that they can post their videos and program details and for the first time showcase all their amenities that thousands of people can easily search from.

“They have a strong reach and active group,” Helit Edelstein, program operator of Kosherica, a leader in Passover programs and operator of a Bahamas program, said.

Hafikoman, running a Passover program in Puerto Vallarta, agrees Passover Listings is an invaluable resource.

“For Hafikoman it’s been useful in terms of the audience we can reach,” a Hafikoman spokesperson said.

And Hafikoman said listing its program on the Passover Listings website has been smart business for the operator.

“It offers and displays programs in a very presentable and practical way,” the program spokesman said. “It has drawn a lot of attention and customers.”

The reviews on the website are written in a friendly, casual manner and are honest accounts of travelers’ experiences. A 2019 user review of the Hafikoman program in Mexico reads, “The level of planning and execution is ridiculously high. Everything was so well thought out, and so well organized, that things were taken care of before we realized they needed to be. Every comfort is addressed.”

Another review reads: “My family and I have gone on various Passover vacations. The Upscale Getaways program at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, California, far surpassed any of those programs.”

For those who want additional feedback before booking a trip, Passover Listings users take advantage of Passover Program Reviews, a dynamic Facebook group launched in 2018. In the forum, people share about their experiences on various Passover travel programs, discuss what they liked and did not enjoy about their programs. With Pesach fast approaching, people in the Facebook group have been sharing their recommendations for top-notch travel destinations for the holiday.

The Facebook group provides people with information about pricing, availability and location, and it is also a venue for operators to bring visibility to their programs. People are happy to answer each other’s questions, especially if they have been on the programs themselves, and the group functions as a welcoming community of kosher travelers.

The group, like the reviews on the Passover Listings website, helps customers make informed decisions before booking their Passover travel experience.

As the largest database for Passover and Jewish travel, Passover Listings stands apart from other websites geared toward the kosher traveler. The sheer amount of programs presented on the website is unprecedented in the kosher travel space. Programs featured include Upscale Getaways in San Diego; Royal Passover in Cancun, Mexico; Leisure Time Tours in Florida, Italy and New Jersey; and Lasko Getaways in Miami, Florida.

Those who are seeking kosher travel experiences know the place for reliable program reviews is Passover Listings. As the Passover travel season approaches—and with domestic and abroad travel increasing as people become more comfortable returning to normal life—those who want to avoid the burdensome task of preparing their homes for the holiday will seek Passover programs as a convenient and luxurious way to spend their Pesach.

Passover Listings is there to make the experience as smooth as possible, with no better place to start the process than reviews on the website,

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