July 18, 2024
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July 18, 2024
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PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy has shown tremendous benefit for my clients. I discovered that improved eating, hydrating, exercise and sleep are very difficult things for people to achieve and was not all that effective in many situations. As a nutritionist for over 30 years, this baffled me and I was compelled to find a solution.

When I was introduced to PEMF therapy, I finally understood why healthy living for so many was a challenge. There are trillions of cells in the body that are responsible for keeping a person healthy and strong. The cells store water, oxygen and all the good elements from food and the vitamins we take (using them as needed). The cells are also constantly reproducing. However, when the cells become weak due to illness and stress in the body, the healing process is stalled, and the cells no longer have the ability to store and use the healthy things we consume to their fullest capacity. Additionally, the cells reproduce at a slower rate and even the new cells can only be as efficient as the cells that they are coming from. This is why in many situations, eating well and taking supplements does little in providing healing for the body.

However, when the cells can be strengthened, they are once again able to store and use larger amounts of oxygen, water, nutrition and minerals that we take in, enabling a higher level of healing. PEMF technology, with its science-based research, provides exactly that. When doing consistent sessions within a certain period of time, the cells become completely renewed, back to their original healthy state! Individuals utilizing this treatment are healing and recovering at an accelerated rate, from achieving weight loss, hormonal balance, mood improvement, digestive and respiratory wellness to addressing bone fractures, growth issues, spinal degeneration, autoimmune disease, skin issues and more. Both chronic and acute, physical and emotional conditions are positively affected.

This prompted my decision to offer PEMF therapy in my practice. PEMF therapy offers repair to the cells much like a charger to a battery, which when fully charged gives maximum performance. Try a session today with a healthy lifestyle consultation and see the results for yourself.

New special for a limited time. Buy one session, get two free. A total of three sessions for the price of one! For new clients only with mention of this article. Call now. Dr. Rena (845) 270-3352


“I was skeptical at first. However, after the first time on the machine I felt a huge difference. This was the first time anything has helped me for a Crohn’s condition. After continuing, I was able to get off my medications and am feeling much better than I could ever have imagined!”

—KS, Monsey

“My doctor referred me to Wellsprings PEMF for a fractured leg. After just a few weeks my leg was much improved, and astonishingly, the fibromyalgia I have had for 30 years resolved as well! I am so grateful for the pleasant experience. The staff was a pleasure to work with.

—JG, Pomona

“I am very happy to write a brief comment regarding my experience as a client of Wellsprings Wellness Center of Monsey, New York. My thoughts diverge into two arenas: the impact the therapy has had on my wellbeing and the people with whom I interfaced each time I arrived for therapy.

“For a duration in excess of four years, I had been challenged with serious limitations that severely hampered my ability to walk about, for even the shortest distance. I used a cane for most of that time and during the immediate 12-plus months prior to beginning therapy, I often found myself requiring a wheelchair, pushed by one of my children or grandchildren.

“Following a number of months of treatment, I am able to walk without a cane for close to a half mile. The debilitating pain in my back has been essentially eliminated, the bottoms of my feet are secure, and I feel generally invigorated, more so than in a number of years. I have found the treatments highly beneficial.

“The people who provide this therapy, Dr. Rena and Yaakov, are highly professional and most caring and empathetic people, and the setting in which the therapy is administered is most welcoming. I will always be grateful to them.”

—G.G. New Jersey

Dr. Rena Schleifer, Ph.D, has been practicing health and wellness for over 30 years. She specializes in customized plans tailored to the individual. She introduced PEMF therapy to help people achieve a greater level of healing. Call Dr. Rena at (845) 270-3352 or email your questions to [email protected]. Visit our website: www.wellspringswellnesscenter.com.

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