July 22, 2024
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July 22, 2024
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Pesach With Uncle Moishy!

New book and music album to liven your Yom Tov preparations.

Highlighting: “Uncle Moishy: The Very Best Pesach Surprise” by Libby Lazewnik. Mesorah Publications Ltd. 2022. English. Hardcover. 36 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1422630921.

(Courtesy of Artscroll) Pesach is coming…

And wow! So is Uncle Moishy!

With a brand new book and music album, Uncle Moishy will make the run-up to Pesach the best time ever – for both children and their parents!

Let’s take a look at Uncle Moishy: The Very Best Pesach Surprise.

There’s great excitement in Meir and Malka’s house. Pesach is coming, and there is so much to do. Mommy has to rest because she’s just brought home the new twins! How will the family be ready in time for the Seder?

No worries! Uncle Moishy is here to help! Together with Pesach food, he’s bringing Pesach lessons and Pesach fun.

Like the other bestselling books in the Uncle Moishy series, Uncle Moishy: The Very Best Pesach Surprise will delight children as it teaches them lessons in responsibility, in teamwork, and in doing mitzvot with zerizut.

With its engaging illustrations and charming rhymes, Uncle Moishy: The Very Best Pesach Surprise will make Pesach prep, and the holiday itself, a time of happiness and laughter, something the entire family will enjoy together.

And now for the music album, Pesach with Uncle Moishy!

Talk about a masterpiece!

This incredible Pesach album, produced and arranged by the multi-talented, world-renowned producer and arranger Doni Gross, is filled with mega musical arrangements and incredible, upbeat songs sung as only Uncle Moishy can, keeping kids entertained and engaged.

Including 10 tracks of today’s popular songs, with new, carefully selected lyrics written by Chayala Neuhaus and Perry Binet, it is a fun, exciting, powerful, and educational album with beautiful Jewish concepts for everyone and practical lessons to carry you all year. Whether it’s lessons for younger ones or older ones, all listeners are bound to walk away with our Jewish pride, love for Torah, and an overall amazing positive feeling.

“Uncle Moishy has a special way of tapping into kids while still keeping it fun and light, and bringing across important messages in such a positive way,” said Gross. “Uncle Moishy’s focus is not just on teaching about Yiddishkeit, but giving children the feeling and warmth of Yiddishkeit.”

Turn on Pesach with Uncle Moishy and sing along to the fabulous music as foundational Jewish values are being instilled.

“By the time friends and family have joined one another on the Seder night, even our youngest guests will know the story and songs by heart and be ready to join in,” said Uncle Moishy. “But be prepared! The enchanting songs will enter the hearts of everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, enlivening everyone’s Pesach preparations.”

Enjoy the Uncle Moishy book and music album, making memories while you’re making Pesach!

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