July 17, 2024
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July 17, 2024
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PEYD360° Adds Financial Services to Its Suite of Offerings

(Courtesy of Get PEYD) In today’s marketplace, the ability to change and grow is a key component of success. Whether it’s being on top of the latest social trends or zeroing in on your clients’ needs before they know it, evolving is essential. Yet, transformation needs to be built on top of a good reputation and a strong foundation of trust—and one company’s progression is a prime example of how it’s done.

Founded as a rewards-redemption service, Get PEYD initially focused solely on assisting consumers in maximizing airline miles and credit card points. Within a few short years, the company developed into a full-scale travel agency, addressing travel needs of both private individuals and small businesses. Get PEYD’s latest venture, PEYD360°, takes it to an entirely different sphere, as it is now attending to the business marketplace, and in many more avenues than ever before.

The specialists at PEYD360° work with businesses to determine the most beneficial program for each particular situation. Business owners who use corporate cards to pay for inventory and operational expenses or conduct the majority of their business online can potentially earn hundreds of thousands of points per month by choosing the best program to fit their corporate profile.

After careful review and analysis of a company’s spending profile, PEYD360° experts will then decipher the benefits of each program and advise which cards and programs to use in order to accrue the maximum rewards. Through their particular expertise on the redemption side, the mileage experts are able to then assist in utilizing those miles and points in the most efficient way.

Moshe Fried, account manager at Get PEYD, said that through their relationships with companies such as American Express and Visa, PEYD360° can also help companies save money in unique and lesser-known ways. “The credit card companies have come to us and said: How can we work together to get the best value for your clients?” said Fried. “We collaborate by analyzing the client’s business and spending habits to maximize their dollars and find new ways for savings and revenue.”

For example, in place of wire services for payments, companies can utilize a program at AMEX to send wire payments through one’s credit card, eliminating the issue for cash flow and increasing the opportunity for accumulating additional miles.

Founded in 2011 by four lifelong friends from New York and now with a dedicated staff of consultants across the globe, “Get PEYD” and the PEYD logo represent the first name of each of the partners—Pinny Ackerman, Eli Schreiber, Yaakov Portnoy and Dudi Akerman. The young entrepreneurs recognized that rewards programs were often complex and difficult to navigate, leaving many people to allow their hard-won points to expire. Up to 90 percent of the 300 million plus in frequent-flyer and rewards points earned each year can go unclaimed, often because both private individuals and businesses find redeeming them to be either too challenging or simply too time consuming.

By 2014, the group found themselves inundated with travel-related requests from both private clients and corporate accounts. With a customer base comprising all types of travelers—from the occasional flyer looking to use miles or points to enjoy a free trip, to frequent flyers who have amassed high quantities of unused miles—PEYD Travel will assist clients in bundling miles and points together to allow them to enjoy their rewards in a variety of ways. Rewards can be applied not only to airfare and hotels, but to premium luxury experiences as well. PEYD Travel also works with luxury villas in destinations such as Jerusalem; Miami Beach; and the Catskills, Maldives, Poconos and Caribbean Islands.

Pinny Ackerman, director of operations, explained that the PEYD Team uses its extensive knowledge of the intricate mileage network employed by various airlines and alliances to find the best deals for clients. A coach ticket to China may cost $1,000 or 70,000 miles, while a business-class ticket to the same destination can run $6,500 or 140,000 miles. Although mileage tickets can offer significant savings with their substantially smaller price differentials, they can be difficult to acquire.

“An infrequent traveler may not know how to navigate the system to take advantage of that mileage ticket, but we can do that; discounted business-class tickets are our speciality,” explained Ackerman. “Our agents utilize the vast network of rewards options to book the ticket and take care of everything.”

While expanding to the business sector, PEYD still maintains a strong focus on individuals’ needs, small and large, such as helping find the right credit card that fits your lifestyle, providing discounted hotel options for corporate hotel stays or full-scale travel concierge services. The company also offers discounted airfare, and mileage specialists will search all published fares and even those industry-insider unpublished fares, getting you to your destination in the most cost-effective manner.

Travel experts and concierge personnel help provide clients with a smooth travel experience and the ability to enhance every aspect of travel, from air, lodging and car rentals to customized itineraries. PEYD offers VIP packages in Israel with several levels available including hassle-free entry and exit and optional transportation service.

“As our company has grown, we renewed our focus on business travel and rewards management,” said Eli Schreiber, PEYD’s director of marketing. “We are the only company that offers credit card rewards, airline miles and travel services merged into one cohesive product based on your business type and where you are traveling.”

Through the establishment of PEYD360°, executing efficient corporate travel itineraries has become a high priority. The PEYD team navigates through all of the tedious and time-consuming travel-planning details, to allow for maximum savings and increased productivity. Services like these prove especially beneficial for small businesses that may lack the manpower and the time to deal with the consuming task of travel planning and reward redemption. Even small details, like being able to speak to a knowledgeable travel specialist, versus customer service representatives in foreign countries who don’t understand their needs, make a big difference in getting the job done well.

Through PEYD’s extreme level of attentiveness coupled with a loyal client base, this Long Island-based company has grown from a four-man, one-room operation in New York to a full-scale, global business with additional offices in New York, Pittsburgh and Jerusalem, serving a diverse clientele. With an unwavering commitment to customer service and a willingness to listen to client needs, PEYD is filling marketplace voids and helping consumers and businesses simply do business better.

For more information, please visit www.peyd360.com or call 888-404-PEYD (7393).


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