June 16, 2024
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June 16, 2024
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Popular Seder Companion Releases Yom Kippur Edition

Not feeling awesome about the Days of Awe?

If you’ve ever said that you’ve dreaded Yom Kippur, then this companion is for you. The

“HaKol B’Seder Yom Kippur” edition guides readers through the teshuva process, replacing guilt and fear with redemption and joy.

Included in this year’s companion:

– Fasting tips and recipes for before and after Yom Kippur

– Empathetic guidance for those not fasting

– Special 10 Days music playlist

– Habit-changing action prompts

– Unique perspectives on repentance and prayer

– A fresh commentary for Vidui

– Contributions from incredible Jewish women

– Dozens of hand-drawn illustrations

… And more!

The days leading up to Yom Kippur don’t need to be a source of stress. With this companion, join hundreds of other Jews in ensuring that this year—HaKol B’Seder—It’s all going to be all right.

The sequel to Bari Mitzmann’s hit “Pesach Seder Guide” adds to its winning formula of inspiration for Yom Kippur with guest contributions, fasting tips, tips for those unable to fast, brand new interpretation of Vidui (the confessions portion), practical, inspirational essays penned by some incredible women, original artwork and more.

When COVID-19 changed how we celebrated Pesach in 2020, Bari Mitzmann responded with “HaKol B’Seder, a Seder Guide,” which used the Seder format as a vehicle for meditation, introspection and growth. The downloadable companion struck a chord with many women who felt alone and anxious as they prepared to make Pesach alone for the first time. She then released an expanded printed companion for 2021 that was a huge hit. The next holiday to bring practical inspiration was Yom Kippur!

Mitzmann, a content creator, influencer and host of the hit podcast “Woman of Valor,” is no stranger to the needs many women have these days. “The messages I put out center around embracing the challenges each of us have,” said Mitzmann, “in that they don’t have to limit us.” Her work frequently touches on difficult and personal subjects ranging from modesty to chronic illness to mental health struggles.

This new year, for the new “HaKol B’Seder Yom Kippur,” Mitzmann has teamed up with musicians, educators, therapists and other phenomenal Jewish women to reframe Yom Kippur to be meaningful and accessible to women everywhere. Contributors include Aliza Bulow; Rachel Hercman, LCSW; Hadassa C. Goldberg; Rivki Rabinowitz; Temimah Zucker, LCSW; Kayla Haber-Goldstein; Shaindy Plotzker; Yaffy Newman; Adina Stilerman; Miriam Schwartz; Shoshana Batya Greenwald; Shushy Turin (Shine); and Dr. Leslie Ginsparg Klein. Together, they cover an array of timely topics, including mindfulness, creating healthy spaces for connection, when you can’t fast, the Yom Kippur mindset, and, of course, using a relatable, down-to-earth, friendly approach.

Those interested can order a print or digital copy and have the option of sponsoring a copy for other women. To order “HaKol B’Seder Yom Kippur” guide, go to https://barianna.com/hakol-bseder-yom-kippur/.


Bari Mitzmann is the founder of the nonprofit Hakol B’Seder, where she aims to create content that provides inspiration while meeting people where they are at. In her spare time she is also a content creator, social media marketing consultant and the host of the “Woman of Valor” podcast. Find Bari on Instagram @barianna and @womanofvalorpodcast or on barianna.com and www.thewovlife.com. Bari can be reached directly at [email protected].

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