Monday, June 14, 2021

Real Estate

Getting The Best Mortgage Rate

I will admit, it was a very intimidating conversation. He came highly recommended to me from a past client who told me that Reuben (not his real name) was the top actuary in the firm and an expert statistician. Reuben was very clear from the start that he was looking for “the best mortgage rate” possible and was willing to pay to get


Deck Building Products That Sidestep Sky-High Lumber Prices

(BPT) According to a recent survey on the latest outdoor living trends, home improvement pros and deck building specialists tell Qualified Remodeler magazine that, “everyone is thinking about building something bigger, better, stronger and wider,” and that “homeowners are requesting increasingly larger, more customized


The Summer Market

With Memorial Day behind us and the finishing touches being placed on most of our summer plans, many of my customers are asking what to expect from the coming “summer market.”

In general I have always felt that the real estate market in Bergen County is four seasons long and other than a few


Ideas for Backyard Summer Fun

(StatePoint) Whether you’re hosting a get together or just want to keep everyone in your household entertained, it’s the best time of year to take the fun outdoors. Check out these five ideas for backyard fun for people of all ages:

  • Create a waterpark: Avoid traffic and crowds and

More for Less

A small boy, maybe six or seven years old, was anxiously waiting for a bus with a group of older children. Some were holding sports equipment, presumably for an outing at the park down the road where most kids their age played. It was an impressive scene as the growing group of toddlers waited patiently, each holding an envelope of money


Six Essential Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

When my wife and I were house hunting in Teaneck a few years ago, I learned that searching for a home is similar to searching for a life partner. The more you search the more you learn about what you want and also what you don’t want. When you meet the right one, you’ll “feel it.” The process can be simple, or sometimes complicated,


Bungalow Colony - in Teaneck?

We have now entered that time of year when all attention shifts towards summer planning. If you pay attention while walking through the aisles of the local grocery stores you can learn more about what to do than calling a travel agent. “What are the latest rules for entry into Israel?” “What are the newest hotels to


How to Protect Your Home From Costly Water Damage

(BPT) There’s nothing quite like owning a home. You feel the pride of achieving a financial goal and the comfort of having a sanctuary and space of your own in which to build a lifetime of memories.

Occasionally, there’s also the element of surprise when things suddenly break - like appliances, the


How to Make Your Dream Outdoor Room a Reality

(BPT) As the pandemic continues, outdoor spaces have become true extensions of the home. From a calm place to escape to an area to work and focus, outdoor rooms are being designed and utilized more frequently than ever before.

“Homeowners have shifted their focus from having spaces to entertain to


Beresheet: A New Senior Living Community in the Jerusalem Hills

(Courtesy of Beresheet) We invite you to get to know Beresheet—a new concept in senior housing that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard of before. Beresheet is intended for seniors, aged 60+, who seek something different from the traditional retirement homes—a place that they can establish together, one that


Light Switches Need Cleaning Too: Four Tips to Try

(BPT) To help limit the spread of germs, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces. Tabletops, desks, vanities, faucets and door handles often make this list, but two things that are touched frequently throughout the day are often forgotten during cleaning: light switches and


Guarantees To Generate Wealth

A former client randomly called to ask if we could meet me for a few minutes - without providing any other details. I couldn’t imagine the premise of the meeting, as, over the past eighteen years of our relationship, we had done many loans together and only met the first time. Later that week, he came bearing a very thoughtful gift and

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