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Real Estate

Critical Home-Equity Strategies

He called to see if I could come up with creative solutions to help him get a loan for his home improvements. After contacting several banks and spending over three months in process, each bank rejected his application. His credit was weak from the accumulated debts he amassed, and he didn’t qualify to get the total amount he was


An AI Could Write This Article but Could It Sell A House in Teaneck?

I will confess that this past Monday morning, after taking a week (or two) off from the “labor of love” that is this article, I was reluctant to start writing again. As much as I enjoy sharing my life’s experience in real estate with close friends, there’s always so much to do and so little time available. That’s when I



What has poet and songwriter Leonard Cohen accomplished that he is considered one of Israel’s adopted sons, so much so that a street was named after him in Be’er Sheva immediately after his death in 2016?

At the age of 39, Leonard Cohen was rich and famous. He was one of the biggest names in


Buying a Second Home? Not As Sensible As You Thought!

Can we all please agree!? A family trip is not exactly a vacation! I’m sure the thought crossed the mind of anyone able to get away for winter break. At the same time, there is often a moment, while on vacation, where one might say to themselves, “this is the life; we should do this more often.” And then, sometimes it


A New Star in Jerusalem’s Crown

An opportunity not to be missed.

Tivuch Shelly has been privileged to be heavily engaged in building up the city of Jerusalem and Arnona for the past 35-plus years and is continuing to develop Arnona with a large, beautiful new housing project.


How To Begin Your Jerusalem Property Search

This week, we will explore the steps necessary to prepare for your property search. As many individuals are planning to visit properties in the near future, here are some suggestions to assist you in your preparation.


Pick a


Are You Working for Your Mortgage, Or Is Your Mortgage Working for You?

I was recently listening to a podcast where they interviewed a highly successful real estate investor. This woman was a school teacher turned professor who bought her first rental property for $80,000 “all cash.” She now has a real estate portfolio of almost forty homes with an estimated value of over 10 million dollars. The topper is


Outdoor Design Trends for 2023

(BPT) 2023 will reveal a few new outdoor design trends, but two of them - mixed materials and bringing the indoors out - are maintaining their previous popularity into the new year. New trends landscape designers are anticipating include more interest in sustainability, expanding the use of outdoor spaces and maximizing cutting-edge


Visions and Predictions for 2023

A husband and wife are getting ready for bed. The wife puts on her sleep mask, rolls over, and says, “good night!” Her husband pops out of bed and stands staring at himself in the full-length mirror. “What’s the matter with you?” she says. Come to sleep already.” He turns to her and says, “I am so depressed. Look at me: All I


Buy a House in Merkaz Shapira and Enjoy Suburban Living in Israel

Move to your home in Israel or rent it out this summer.

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly) A new Anglo group is forming in a fabulous state-of-the-art housing project in Merkaz Shapira. This spectacular housing project is a great opportunity for Americans to buy a house and


Selling the Grandparent Hotel

One of my favorite customers began our meeting with the following words, “We love the cozy three bedroom home you sold us where we raised our four children, the youngest of whom recently left for college. At the moment we are essentially empty nesters, but here is the plan. We want to buy a bigger home!”


Do This If You Are Looking to Buy Within the Next Few Months

Find Time to Fly to Israel

If you are buying a second-hand apartment, visiting in person is crucial to understanding the market and what you are looking for.

If you are buying in a new build or in a TAMA 38, although not required, it is highly

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