Sunday, June 07, 2020

Is Pesach preparation stressing you out? Arielle and Yosef Haim Horesh can help. The Horeshes are the owners of i Clean, a high-quality cleaning service providing excellent service, honest employees and competitive pricing.

The inspiration to start a cleaning service was born from their own personal experience, explained Arielle. “After we got married, we couldn’t find a cleaning service that really cleaned the way we wanted for a decent price,” she said. “After speaking with family and friends, we realized many others shared the same frustration.” From there they decided to create i Clean, which would offer a higher level of service and dependability.

Arielle consults with each client to help identify the type of cleaning help they are seeking. She then matches an employee who will provide the best services. “The process is very personalized and we always put the client’s needs first,” commented Arielle.

i Clean provides transportation for employees to and from each job, ensuring punctuality and reliability. The Horeshes want to make the process as streamlined as possible, satisfying each customer’s expectations. “Should a client prefer we come with cleaning supplies, we are happy to do so,” Arielle said.

i Clean understands certain halachic requirements many clients have regarding household help. Therefore, they educate their employees working in kosher homes on the laws of kashrut so there is no need for concern.

i Clean is a family company committed to its customers and employees alike. The Horeshes have hand-selected their employees, most of whom they have a longstanding relationship with. “We value and respect our employees and have built a company based on trust,” noted Arielle.

No job is too big or too small for i Clean. The company provides cleaning services for residential, commercial and retail spaces. i Clean is licensed and insured under the State of New Jersey and provides insurance for all of its employees.

The i Clean team goes above and beyond to cater to each client’s specific needs. Through open communication and exceptional service, the Horeshes know you will be satisfied. For more information, please visit www.icleansoudonthave2.com  or call/text 609-401-8214.

By Andrea Nissel