Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Run Run Rooter, a sewer and drain service located in Rockland County, is now servicing the Northern New Jersey area. Sewer and drain blocks are an unfortunate part of life, yet they happen to the best of us, and as luck would have it, they usually occur at the most inconvenient times. No need to worry, said Eli Blau, owner of Run Run Rooter, who provides 24-hour assistance six days a week. From sinks, toilets and bathtub backups to more invasive sewer issues, Run Run Rooter will handle the job quickly and efficiently.

Many homeowners resort to fixing drain problems themselves, often using products that in actuality can do more harm than good. A professional drain service can remedy the problem much more quickly and thoroughly than people can on their own. In the long run, drain pipes will last longer and ultimately money will be saved on replacement.

No job is too big or too small for Run Run Rooter, which works in both the residential and commercial market, as well as with management companies. It is recommended that drains be professionally cleaned every few years and more frequently for areas such as sewer or basement drains. Cleaning should also be done more often if the plumbing system is particularly old, or if there is a large root system near the main sewer line. Blau has seen many cases where tree roots can wreak havoc on underground sewer systems.

In many cases, the source for sewer or drain issues is difficult to identify. Using the latest technology and high-tech equipment, such as video pipe inspection, Blau can help determine sewer line locations that are not always evident to plumbers or contractors. Blau and his expert staff are adept in handling complex sewer and drain complications and work quickly and efficiently to restore proper functionality at a reasonable price.

For more information, please call or Whatsapp Eli Blau at 845-405-2838.

By Andrea Nissel