Sunday, July 05, 2020

Just a refresher to revert back to my last article over the summer in the Jewish Link reminiscing the “50” year colossal landmark anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon on July 20,1969.

Although it seemed enticing to have another potential location within which to sell real estate, it was soon realized that the pipe dream of residing on the moon is literally ‘light’ years away.

So, it is back to real estate back home. Yet, another interesting occurrence happened along the way that expands the meaning of where home is.

As all Jews know, home is where the heart is and our hearts always include Israel as part of its life force wherever we may be.

So six thousand miles abroad......you guessed it, Israel.......we spend many Chagim there when our impetus is also our son, wife and six delicious grandchildren who reside there year round. Much of our time on all the Chagim is spent overseas to enjoy the beauty of our Holy Land and family. One Passover Chag at the Hacienda Resort Hotel in Israel we re-ignited friendship with Rob Duchanov, a former classmate of Bobby from RJJ on the Lower East Side from kindergarten on up. We bonded all over again, met our grown families and found out, having made Aliya, Robert has become a developer in Israel while we sell residential real estate in America. A match was made in heaven. Robert called us offering that we should consider to be the American representatives for the luxurious Lincoln Residence in the heart of Yerushalayim. Well, we thought about the opportunity for two minutes and realized it would be an honor. We called Robert back to agree to be the American representatives for the Lincoln Residence Luxury Building with only two apartments and two penthouses left to sell.

Combining the eastern hemisphere with the western hemisphere, we are thrilled to be a part of it all! The Lincoln Residence is located in one of Jerusalem’s most exclusive and sought after neighborhoods, a short distance from the Old City, the Western Wall, the Tower of David, Mamilla, the Great Synagogue and many of the capital’s finest hotels. Having visited the beautiful apartments and Penthouse over Succoth Chol Hamoed, we can rave first hand of the luxurious feel and the breathtaking views overlooking the Kotel and the Dome of the Rock. Only two apartments and two Penthouses are available, so now is the time to inquire to achieve your dream of owning a home in Israel.

Feel free to call Ruby or Bobby 917-576-4177/201-314-4152 for more information or call Robert Duchanov direct at 050-523-1478.

By Ruby and Bobby Kaplan