Friday, September 17, 2021

While COVID-19 may have affected the world economy, Israel’s property market is booming—both due to Israel’s relative economic stability and the fact that in these unstable times, Israel is seen as the one and only “rock” that is here for every Jew.

Established over 15 years ago, the Asden property company—whose parent company is in Canada—is currently focusing on Jerusalem with two flagship projects: “ParkEight” in the Baka neighborhood and “HaMesila” in the German Colony. Both are in prime locations and both offer all the community services important to their clientele—a range of synagogues, schools, parks, community centers and shops.

Asden is a company that aspires to the highest North American standards and prides itself on very high customer service and attention to detail.

The clients who Asden typically works with cover a wide spectrum of Anglos, from those who made aliyah over 20 years ago and are looking to upgrade, to those in the stage of planning aliyah or who just want to buy a property in Israel for the family and visit for the chagim. Most come from English-speaking countries—especially the U.S., Canada, the UK and South Africa.

Designed by legendary architect Amazia Aaronson, a major feature of the Mesila Project is the health club and pool facility. Its 33-meter pool, which will have private, direct access for residents, will be a commercially operated facility without multi-maintenance costs.

Other features of the Mesila Complex are:

  • • Sukkah balconies.
  • • Kosher customized gourmet kitchens.
  • • Direct access to the pool and fitness center.
  • • Beautifully landscaped private parks.
  • • VIP service to overseas buyers.
  • • In-house customer design assistance.

What is unique about the Mesila Complex? Yuval Schultz, director of sales and marketing at Asden Israel, answers simply in two words: “location and quality.”

There are 45 units in the Mesila Project, including four penthouses and four duplex extra-large garden apartments. The designers are flexible on internal layout, in particular room configuration and bathroom count. They still have apartments available, ranging from a one-bedroom with a home office, to six bedrooms or more.

According to Schultz, 20% of the apartments have been sold and they are completing the presale stage and in the final stages of acquiring the building permits.

The prestigious Mesila Complex is a short walk from all of Jerusalem’s most treasured landmarks. Subject to COVID regulations, you can catch a show at the Jerusalem Theatre, shop at Mamilla, enjoy dinner at the First Station, have a picnic at Independence Park and walk to the Kotel.

When asked about the impact of COVID on sales, Schultz said, “Ironically, COVID has increased interest, as many feel in these unstable times, they want to own a property in Jerusalem—to give them a sense of stability. COVID has actually acted as an accelerant.”

“Not just COVID itself, but the surrounding unrest caused by demonstrations and overall worldwide political and economic instability, has given people the feeling that Israel is here for them—a country they can count on in this unpredictable and challenging period,” Schultz continued.

Due to Israel’s current COVID regulations, clients cannot visit the properties physically; however, Schultz described how Asden uses video conferencing together with an interior designer to help clients envision their future homes, where they are able to see virtual renderings, floor plans and brochures, which, ironically, is more than they would usually see if they physically came to the building plot.

So, in these COVID times, now is the time to buy property in Israel. The Mesila Complex would be the perfect choice to make your true, luxury home in the heart of Jerusalem.

By Benjamin Singer


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