Tuesday, April 20, 2021

If you are looking for seasoned and savvy sales experience in a realtor, then you’ve “arrived at the right address.” Daniel Lorch and Ron Cohen of Keller Williams Park View Realty have spent the past year transforming a plummeting real estate market struck by COVID into a fountain of opportunity for both buyers and sellers.

Cohen established his sales career during grade school, selling snacks and candy to schoolmates and eventually using the profits to help pay for his education, following service in the IDF. “Going the extra mile” is not just his credo; it defines his life and his service ethic to clients. By banking his school bus money and walking instead, and using his candy sales profits, Cohen learned early on that doing the legwork gets results. As a real estate associate, he is still doing the legwork, sometimes meeting prospective sellers by personally canvassing neighborhoods to establish seller possibilities.

“Meeting homeowners and creating relationships lays the groundwork,” noted Cohen. “This way I know which homeowners are likely to be responsive to buyer interest so we are ready to move at a moment’s notice.” When buyers identify what they seek in a home, Cohen has an “off-market” portfolio of possibilities already in hand, in addition to the MLS listings available.

This inside edge not only sets him apart from typical realty professionals, but is also a tremendous advantage for both the buyer and the seller.

Daniel Lorch explained that “both the arrival of twin girls and my uncle’s real estate venture in Florida inspired a career change.” He knew he could put his social and language skills (fluent in English and Portuguese, proficient in Spanish) to work in this profession.

The Jewish Link asked Lorch about any specialized training that makes him uniquely qualified for real estate work. Lorch said he’s been in real estate for 10 years but “in 2019 I became a military relocation professional (MRP). This certification is for real estate professionals who want to work with current and former military service members to find the housing solutions that best suit the needs of their families. It was a humbling experience to work alongside these former and active service men and women who served throughout different decades and in various countries.”

Realtors often provide a spectrum of services to clients, beyond the sale of properties. On this subject, The Jewish Link asked Cohen and Lorch to describe some of the peripheral services they provide that have an important impact for a client.

Cohen said: “We ‘think out of the box’ when it comes to helping a buyer imagine how to idealize or maximize what they want from a home they are viewing.... [Sometimes we help them to] reimagine this room with a different carpet, or no carpet. Sometimes we consult with an interior designer, provide professional estimates on renovation or negotiate a price reduction based on the need to renovate.”

Lorch added: “When we’re doing a final walk-through or preparing for the closing, we’re closing this cycle of our relationship. But for me it doesn’t end there. It’s an ongoing relationship that continues to develop over the years. Clients often reach out to ask about professionals like electricians, plumbers, contractors; check in on the market; ask about current inventory or ask if I can help a friend or a family member who’s looking to rent, buy, sell or even invest in real estate.

“I would say that the most important service we provide is being a continuous tool and sounding board for all of their real estate needs.”

The Jewish Link asked what they consider to be their mission as realtors. Lorch said: “As a realtor, selling houses is a byproduct of the real mission. Our real estate business focuses around developing meaningful relationships with buyers, sellers, investors and landlords. The main goal of building these relationships is to understand in a deeper way what the client is trying to achieve. Being on the same wavelength allows us as realtors to not only develop a customized approach to that specific deal, but to also truly understand and appreciate where a client stands and how to help them achieve their goals in the best and most efficient way possible.”

Cohen agreed. “It’s all about the relationship,” he said, noting that prospective clients want to know: “What will this agent do differently for me to sell my house, or find me a suitable property, one that fits my current needs and budget, and also my future life there?”

Daniel Lorch and Ron Cohen are award winning realtors whose experience and know-how will make the right things in realty happen for you. Contact them at [email protected] or [email protected], or by phone: Ron Cohen 201-240-2991 and Daniel Lorch 617-680-8332.

By Ellie Wolf