Monday, January 24, 2022

Healthcare coverage is important at any age and especially when you get older, but choosing the right medical plan becomes particularly difficult after one retires and no longer has a point person handling their health benefits. Levi Goldberg of United Healthcare understands the challenges those 65 and up face and specializes in helping clients select the plan that is best for them.

Goldberg has worked in the insurance industry for nearly two decades, most recently focusing on Medicare products. Most people are easily overwhelmed by the details of Medicare and miss the support they previously relied on when making healthcare decisions, said Goldberg, who aims to simplify the process by breaking down the specifics and helping clients understand the ins and outs of the various plans.

As an industry expert he believes United Healthcare has excellent programs to choose from. For example, he said the Zero Premium PPO Plan is very popular among many of his clients because it offers both in- and out-of-network benefits that allow you to visit an out-of-network specialist, an option most people value tremendously.

Open enrollment for Medicare is running now through December 7 with a January 2022 effective date. During that time Goldberg will be stationed at Walgreens on Cedar Lane in a COVID-safe kiosk that allows him to engage with customers, answer questions and provide information about coverage options. He is also available upon request to meet clients at other locations.

As your broker, Goldberg will do a complete analysis of your situation and determine what type of coverage is most suitable. At 65 most people require basic coverage, he said, but as they age, their needs might change, so he checks in regularly and will suggest modifications when necessary. Not only does he research the best plan for each client, but he also uncovers ways to help his existing clients save money. Sometimes it’s a small tweak, he said, but even a savings of $100 a month is significant for an older person with a fixed income.

As an insurance specialist, Goldberg prides himself on excellent customer service and believes it’s the personalized nature of his service that sets him apart and has earned him a level of trust among his clients who continually refer him to others. “I have mastered the world of Medicare, and I am expert in helping people process the information,” he said, and added that while it often requires a lot of patience and review, he makes sure each client fully understands what they are getting. “I make sure my clients have my cell phone number and encourage them to reach out to me anytime they have questions or concerns.”

Goldberg is in the business of selling health insurance, but it’s the satisfaction he gets from helping people that he finds most gratifying. “There are days that I speak to people but don’t necessarily make a sale,” he said, “and that’s okay, because at the end of the day I’m offering advice and guidance to someone making an important decision.”

Those who know Goldberg attest to his friendly and warm personality, always happy to contribute his time and effort giving back to the community. Raised in Englewood and living in Teaneck for the last 20 years, he has volunteered for various organizations and has served as Gabbai at Congregation Ohr Saadya for 16 years.

Goldberg is licensed in New York, New Jersey and Florida, which makes him a consistent resource for snowbirds who head south for the winter or seniors considering relocating to Florida. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please call Levi Goldberg at 201-988-0507.

By Andrea Nissel


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