Monday, November 28, 2022

For the past 10 years, Avi Goldberg has aimed to shine with his property management and rental company, City of Gold Apartments, and shine he has. Together with his dedicated team, Goldberg strives to ensure that every client receives the best and nothing less.

As an 18-year-old yeshiva student at Mevaseret, Goldberg got his start renting out a single apartment. From there, he gradually grew his business while navigating the many challenges presented by the Israeli rental and management system. Despite the company’s humble beginnings, Goldberg never wavered in his ambition and continued to expand while cultivating a team centered on competence, dedication and passion. Without a doubt, his investment paid off: City of Gold now manages 250 apartments in the Jerusalem area.

Drawing on his own firsthand experiences, Goldberg is well aware that owning a property in Israel can sometimes feel like a nightmare. Acknowledging the many difficulties clients face here, Goldberg prides himself in being able to restore people’s will to invest in Eretz Yisrael. “I find fulfillment in helping people who have only had bad experiences with Israeli real estate,” he said. “People that are going to sell their apartments, that hate everything about it, and then we step in. We give them a feeling that not everyone is out to get them, that there are good services, there are positive experiences and people that care. That’s a big part of the business I enjoy.”

All of this, Goldberg insists, is owed to the fact that City of Gold uses the right people for the job who are suited to every challenge, no matter how big or small. “We don’t have standards. If you have a property and are looking for everything to be perfect all the time, we can provide that service. If you’re only looking for maintenance, we can provide that, too. We really cater to the unique needs of every owner.” Cutting out the middlemen and ensuring that the job is done right, the company relies on its own handymen and technicians to serve its clientele.

Goldberg hopes to maintain the company’s success in and out of Jerusalem, helping to ensure that clients have access to high-quality property management in an area where finding proper care can be difficult. Needless to say, he has high hopes for the future: “We’ve been looking into expanding into more cities like Netanya and growing the number of apartments. The bigger we get as a company, the better our service gets. Even with 250 apartments, we’re just at the beginning.”

Those seeking to utilize City of Gold’s services can contact them at their office, located at 19 King David Street, Jerusalem, at +972-02-628-5081 or at [email protected].

By Yotam Berendt


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