Friday, March 31, 2023

Looking for a home refresh? How about that master bath you’ve been wanting to redo? Or maybe your living room needs some updating but you aren’t sure where to start...

You could start by checking out The DZign Room’s Instagram account, @thedzignroom where interior designers, Devorah Kiffel and Zahava Treitel, showcase their fresh, exciting and innovative takes on home decorating.The Monsey-based designers first met years ago, when they were students at the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) and then ended up working at two other interior design firms together before deciding to start their own firm.

Growing up in Southfield, Michigan, Zahava always loved art and took several courses during high school. Interior design was something she knew she always wanted to do. “I always wanted to do it ever since I was little. It was never a question what else I would do. I took art lessons in high school… and the rest is history.”

Devorah’s design bug is literally in the genes. Both her mother and grandmother are interior designers. “My grandmother also went to NYSID, so I followed her. She’s the one in the whole family who always did interior design and I always loved it… My mother does it on the side for fun.”

Specializing in residential homes, both women favor different styles that ultimately complement each other and work well for their clients. They firmly believe that people should not be intimidated to hire interior designers.“We are definitely open to all different sizes of projects and we aim to make everyone feel welcome,” Devorah explains. “Our prices,” both Devorah and Zahava stress, “are not only competitive, but also offer plans and ideas that can work for any budget.”

As for The DZign Room’s clients, anything goes and the firm has a deep appreciation for all of the different styles out there. Devorah and Zahava have worked with a long roster of clients with vastly different styles and they have an extensive amount of knowledge and experience to offer.They work together to come up with the whole design concept for each project. Devorah executes the technical drawings, ensuring that all the design elements they intend to use fit perfectly into the space they are designing. While Zahava works on the creative and visual aspects of each space, utilizing different types of software to put everything together so that the client has a very clear image of how the space will ultimately look.

According to The DZign Room, one of the biggest interior design trends right now is to incorporate natural materials for a warm Scandinavian feel. This might mean a toned-down look that could, for instance, include light wood floors or other organic textures. Trending on the other end of the design spectrum, many people are choosing to incorporate bright colors and rounded edges for an unexpected and funky look.

Zahava is also a big fan of using wallpaper. “Wallpaper really adds, especially now, everyone is leaning more towards wallpaper rather than paint because there is so much you can do with it and it really adds to a space.”

Devorah stresses how important lighting is and how all the innovative options available today can literally make the difference in a room. “Lighting can really change and add to a space, especially the color of the light… not just how it looks, but the actual light that it gives off.”

Devorah admits that while she loves designing every single corner of a home, she particularly fawns over the endless design possibilities of master bathrooms and how to make them stunning. “A master bathroom is an oasis where people can go crazy.” Indeed, from the layout, to the tiles, to the features and the fixtures, she encourages clients to allow themselves to really make it their own space.

Zahava loves designing kids’ bedrooms. “I love it! Something about the little details that you might not necessarily notice — like a cute lamp or the perfect pillow… I’m very much into the finishing touches because it really completes a space and helps stage things perfectly.”

Devorah agrees and adds, “Zahava is the best at details. She finds everything and all our clients love those touches.”

“I do go a little bit crazy over them,” Zahava admits.

To contact The DZign Room, email them at: [email protected] or visit them on Instagram @TheDZignRoom.

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