Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Real Estate

The Critically Essential Bank Guarantee

When I established My Israel Home over a decade ago, I thought that my company would focus exclusively on selling existing homes and not new projects under construction. The thinking was simple: There is less guesswork when buying an existing property and there is usually a much shorter waiting period to gain possession of the


COVID-19 and Bal Harbour, Florida

At least 10 times a week I receive calls asking how the market is in Bal Harbour.

While it’s true I recently had a record sale in the “101” Bal Harbour condominium building, $2.9m, the same line unit, one floor higher, just sold for $2.275m, a 21% drop in price!


The Bottom Line Is the Lowest Rate, Right?!

No matter where you apply for your mortgage, every single loan applicant will complete what is called a “Uniform Residential Loan Application” (“URLA”). This mortgage application template, also known as a “1003” (which is the Fannie Mae reference number), is the universal form used by nearly all mortgage lenders in the United


Real Estate in 2020 With 20/20 Vision

COVID-19 threw the country for a loop and New Jersey got hit hard. Not a shock given that it’s the most densely populated state in the country. But resilience is key to surviving any trauma, and it’s how people recover from tragedy that counts. Real estate, for many, was part of that recovery process.


COVID, Real Estate and Life

Now that we have embarked on Elul 5780, with the acronym, Ani Ledodi Vdodi Li, it is time for reflection on both our past and how to improve our future with Hashem’s guidance and oversight. This past year in particular was unprecedented and strange since we look back to a time period where we had to unlearn all the middot, niceties and


Multigenerational Living: Home Improvements for the Expanding Family

(BPT) The American household is evolving. Traditional family households with parents and children up to 18 have transformed into a mix of various generations. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the growth of multigenerational households, including adults with boomerang children living at home after college, or aging parents


A Good Old-Fashioned Mortgage Shake Down

I received a call from someone who has an accepted offer to buy a home in Bergen County. He was anxiously trying to give me as much information as possible because he was “up against the clock” to decide if he should lock in his loan with the other mortgage person he was dealing with. His attorney expressed some concern over some vague


ONE500 Launches in Teaneck

Sophisticated residences, lifestyle amenities and a charming suburban location near shops and restaurants draw marketplace attention.

(Courtesy of ONE500) Leasing is underway at One500 in Teaneck, New Jersey, where BNE Real Estate Group has delivered 228 stylish apartments and a wealth


Four Home Maintenance Tips To Keep the Outdoors Outside

(StatePoint) Even avid nature lovers will agree that not all aspects of the outdoors belong inside one’s home. While bugs, mud and allergens will sneak their way into interior spaces, the steps you take to manage these elements can keep your home more comfortable.

Contain Allergens


Join Two Webinars This Sunday to Help You Purchase Property in Israel

The property market in Jerusalem is currently rolling along speedily. In my areas transactions are occurring and that include American buyers who have never seen the unit.

I want to examine the pros and cons of buying an apartment without seeing it.

1. The first point


Mortgage Rates on the Rise!?

As of this writing, the yield on the 10-year US treasury was just shy of.70%. We are at historical lows on the index, but a sudden spike of almost 20bps is causing a lot of concern in the interest rate markets. If I told you a year ago that the 10yr would be under 1%, you would have laughed. Although, if you go back to many of my articles,


One of the Largest Waves Of Aliyah Has Begun

3,000 units sold in three months. Over 400,000 registered for aliyah.

(Courtesy of Ramat Givat Zeev) One of the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it has accelerated the decision making process for many who had already been thinking of settling in Israel. But even those who