Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Real Estate

Self-Employed Borrowers and Investors

Are you self-employed and have tried to refinance? Have you tried purchasing a second home or investment property and been told you don’t qualify because you’re self-employed?

Many self-employed U.S. workers have experienced challenges during the last 18 months due to the pandemic. During


A Mouse in the House?

I sold a home to a relatively young family with two little kids. The location of the house, the layout and the interior finishes were exactly what they were looking for—a great match.

About two weeks after they moved I happened to bump into one of the buyers at a wedding. She looked


Lower Your Home’s Heating Bills This Winter

(StatePoint) A frosty winter wonderland is fun to experience -- outside. Inside is another story. By keeping your home heating system running at peak performance, you’ll lower your winter utility bills and experience increased comfort.

According to North American Technician Excellence (NATE), here’s


Time To Move? The Answer Is Yes, If…

I spoke with a friend recently who was venting about his job and contemplating a company or career change. He had experienced a great deal of success in sales over the past few years at his firm, but he felt as though he was at a standstill with continued growth. Business for him had started to slow down over the past few months. More


Do I Sell My Current Home Before Buying My New One?

It’s the most basic of questions that every family needs to ask themselves when the light bulb goes off and the decision is made that it is time to move. Do we call the realtor and put the house on the market... then as soon as we have a signed contract we run and go find another home? Or do we go find another home to


Like Father, Like Son

Israel enjoys a strong relationship with the Czech Republic and Slovakia, two countries that comprise the former Czechoslovakia. To understand the root of this special relationship, let’s go back over 130 years and focus on Thomas Masaryk. The name Masaryk may ring a bell, as streets in over half a dozen cities across


Is It Too Late to Reduce Your Mortgage Payment by Refinancing?

(StatePoint) Experts say that with mortgage rates beginning to rise, refinancing your home now might be your last best chance to lower your monthly mortgage payment, as rates remain near all-time lows.

Those who refinanced early in 2021 have already reaped the benefits. Borrowers who refinanced


Great Resignation or Great Innovation?! Do You Want to Work?

Americans are leaving their jobs in droves in what is now being labeled “The Great Resignation.” “We haven’t seen a quit rate this high since 2000 when the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics began the current Job Openings and Labor Survey data series,” says Lawrence Katz, Professor of Economics at Harvard. “Last month was the


Columbus, Ohio

One thing is clear from my conversation with people living in Columbus, Ohio: Be prepared to be a Buckeye fanatic. It’s a requirement, even if you have to fake it.

Through my many interviews, I have discovered some of the things that might motivate someone to move outside of the New York area. I


You Bought a Home For a Chanukah Present?

I was at a house showing this past week a few days before Chanukah and it was one of those special showings where the chemistry just feels right. All the realtors were getting along, buyer and seller were making jokes with each other. As everyone was getting ready to leave, the seller turned to the potential buyer and


Building a Sense of Pride With Your Own Two Hands

(BPT) Any skilled tradesperson can tell you the pride they get from working with their hands, be it framing a home, tiling a floor or repairing a mechanical problem.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to accomplish something with your hands and have something finished and tangible that


Why Sharpening Your Knives Can Make You a More Proficient Cook

(StatePoint) If you’ve ever desired to become a better home chef, you’ve probably spent time reading cookbooks, watching cooking shows or even taking a culinary skills course. The truth is that when it comes to improving your cooking and becoming more efficient in the kitchen, you may be overlooking a much simpler step: sharpening your knives.

Before your

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