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Mastering the Dishwasher: Four Tips to Best Utilize Your Appliance

(BPT) Have you ever found yourself rearranging the dishwasher after a family member, roommate or partner loads the dishes? One of the great household debates is how to properly load the dishwasher, and how to use your appliance to properly clean your dishes. To rinse or not to rinse? Bowls on top or bottom? Should pots, pans and


How to Sell Your House Faster and for More Without Paying for Upfront Home Improvements

The combination of feature-rich inventory and increasingly shrewd buyers means selling a house needs something intangible—it needs to stand out.

But “standing out” doesn’t reveal much about what a seller can do to maximize buyer interest in the home.



Sign•if•i•cant Other

A panicked call from a client late one evening revealed he was under enormous pressure because of a possible work emergency that would call him out of town. We were all set for the closing on his home purchase, which was previously confirmed, twelve days from the date of our call. Packing, moving, liquidation of closing funds, and many


Shower Designs to Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level

(BPT) Blending fashion and function, the best bathroom design addresses needs of the homeowner while also reflecting their personal tastes. What often separates good from great design can be found in the details.

Sophisticated designer touches elevate a bathroom in an upscale way that defines a


Is There a Reassessment Planned for Teaneck?

We are very thankful to Teaneck’s tax assessor James Tighe for taking the time to answer these important questions related to real estate taxes. Understanding one’s tax burden is something that affects all aspects of home ownership as well as understanding what one’s purchasing power is.


Is Your Roof Strong Enough to Endure Wicked Summer Weather?

(StatePoint) The summer months are often accompanied by rough weather that can do a number on a roof if it’s not designed to withstand the elements. Experts say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

“Having a roof that exceeds code and is made from strong, high-quality products can make


CapitIL Real Estate to Present Information Events in Teaneck/Englewood

(Courtesy of CapitIL) Purchasing real estate involves so many different factors that it is often confusing and complicated to navigate alone. The markets in different cities and countries vary so drastically and can be quite tricky to understand—and the Israeli market is certainly no exception.


Successful Closings Require A Team Effort

In all professional settings, licensed real estate agents are expected to conduct themselves with the highest level of professionalism, expertise, dedication and loyalty when representing clients in either a sale or a purchase. Selling real estate on all levels of representation is a job for a compassionate, caring, knowledgeable person who


How Much Does Your Mortgage Weigh?

I had two conversations last week that were very similar, but the conversations were in fact completely different in so many ways. These were two individuals looking to refinance their mortgage – both loan amounts would be below $548,250 – which is the best tier for getting the lowest possible rates, and both with substantial equity in


Top Backyard Renovations for 2021 Help You Overcome Cabin Fever

(BPT) A year into the pandemic and cabin fever has set in. The typical isolation and restlessness has many people looking for ways to update their homes to provide a sense of comfort and connection to the outdoors. The goal is to create a safe, calm oasis at home, drawing inspiration from biophilic designs, which means enhancements


Setting the Record Straight With James Tighe

Part 2

While the sight of an excavator sitting on the front lawn of your neighbor’s home was quite the spectacle 50 years ago, today it seems the norm as much of Northern New Jersey retires its 100 year old homes in favor of “new construction.” Large-scale development began in the early


Answering Buyers’ and Sellers’ Most Pressing Questions

Almost daily, I’m inundated with questions from eager, nervous and new sellers and buyers. To help these buyers and sellers—and others in similar positions—I’ve selected six of the most common questions I’ve gotten of late and given comprehensive answers that I feel cover the bases.

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