Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Real Estate

There’s No Place Like Home

Of all the holidays we celebrate over the course of the year I sense that one Yom Tov, in particular, is more deeply connected to our physical home than any other. It can’t be Pesach that I’m referring to as many of us find ourselves away from home traveling to be with family for the Sedarim. Although Chag Sukkot is


Out With the Old, In With the New

As the end of the Jewish year approaches, this is a time to reflect and think about the past year. As I analyze my year as a proud father. It has been an incredible year full of happiness and growth as my son is nearly one-and-a-half years old, and I have seen him grow from a newborn to a happy, crawling baby.


Keeping Their Legacy Alive

My articles often focus on names of streets in Israel. Street names cover the full gamut of people connected to the Jewish nation, including biblical characters, scholars, poets, scientists, political leaders and friends of Israel throughout the millennia.

Sometimes, streets are named for fallen


Real Estate in Israel Just Got a Lot More Interesting

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly) Tivuch Shelly has expanded its reach throughout the country in order to meet the needs of our ever growing buyer base. We have properties that range from luxury to affordable in most of the major cities that Americans are looking for. We have multiple projects that will meet all budgets


Five Fall Home Maintenance Tips

(BPT) While home maintenance may seem pricey, being proactive about home upkeep can save more money by preventing expensive repair or replacement costs in the future - not to mention safeguarding against damage to your home. The hard part is knowing how often and what type of maintenance to do, and where to start.


Plan Ahead This Heating Season

(StatePoint) Between the Russian invasion of Ukraine and sky-high oil and gas prices, a significant pellet fuel supply shortage is likely this winter season. Industry experts say you should plan ahead and secure your fuel now for the cold winter months. The good news is that, currently, there is plenty of supply to stock


The Dangers of the Buy Now and Pay Later Approach

An extremely successful businessman was on his deathbed and called his three sons to his side. Two of them were executives in his corporate empire, and the youngest was a simple scholar. The three entrepreneurs talked about their many achievements in business and how much wealth they amassed over the years. Not having much of a relationship


The Lingering Impact of Your Childhood Home

I often sit in on meetings with builders and prospective clients interested in purchasing new construction. Looking over the blueprints, one of my buyers suggested to the builder that by moving a wall here and a wall there he could create walk-in closets for each of her three children. The builder answered that he could surely


Next Stage: Mortgage

Stress. It’s been part of life the last 40 years as you’ve built a career and raised a family. Now you’re hoping to reduce stress and that is likely a consideration in exploring downsizing.

Obtaining a mortgage includes a certain amount of stress. The goal of a loan originator is to reduce that


Enjoy Living Color in Your Outdoor Space This Fall

(BPT) As temperatures drop and seasons turn, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the vivid blooms you love so much in your yard. Strategically adding seasonal plants that can withstand cooler weather is a great way to bring color and dimension to outdoor spaces, enhancing your curb appeal into the autumn months.


I Can Purchase Real Estate Without Flying to Israel!?

Purchasing a property without visiting in person seems unheard of, and definitely not recommended. However, there is one specific case where it is, in my opinion, a bit less important to fly in.

When purchasing an off-plan apartment in Israel, there is actually not much difference whether you are in


72% of Recent Homebuyers Have Regrets About Their Purchases

Approximately 3 in 4 Buyers Have Regrets About Their Home Purchase, according to a recent American Home Buyer survey from Anytime Estimate. As reported by CNBC, 30% of respondents said they spent too much money on their recent home purchase. Similarly, 30% of those surveyed said their regret was that of feeling pressured. 26% of

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