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The Queen’s Gambit: Real Estate Edition

Ok… You will have to pay attention to follow this but let’s begin. The Miller family has their home on the market and is planning to downsize. They have a beautiful home in a great location so finding a buyer should not be a problem. The Goldbergs also have their home on the market, though at a lower price point than the


Kitchen Makeover Magic: The Top Reasons to Reface Instead of Replace

(BPT) The prospect of a kitchen renovation project can weigh heavy on the minds of homeowners. From wallets to dry wall, the mere thought of dipping into your rainy-day fund only to have the most important room in your house uprooted for an undisclosed amount of time is enough to convince many to keep those outdated cabinets installed in


Health-Conscious Home Updates Worth the Investment

(BPT) The pandemic has brought new focus to home enhancements that not only add value, but also support wellness. Today’s homeowners are investing in thoughtful improvements that prioritize safety and well-being, helping to substantially increase the home’s health quotient.

Here are three, big-impact


The Grass Is Always Greener…

I distinctly remember the day. It was Friday afternoon in December. I was still at work packing boxes for our upcoming move. That Monday, we were moving out of the small starter office I opened in Teaneck to a new space that was more than quadruple in size. Most employees already had their desk belongings packed and boxed, ready for the


Prepare for Severe Weather: How to Use and Maintain a Generator

(BPT) Tornados, floods, hurricanes and more - severe weather is increasing around the world. Are you ready if a threatening storm hits your home?

“Storm frequency and intensity is increasing, which means it’s important for homeowners to take a proactive approach to severe weather


Prep Your Home, Dorm and Classroom for a New School Year

(StatePoint) Many students spent the last school year learning virtually, and now, there are a lot of items on parents’ and teachers’ to-do lists to help get ready for a return to traditional learning this school year. Below are tips to help simplify the transition – at home, in the classroom and in a dorm room.



One Floor Living

In 2006 my parents were in their 80s living in the heart of Flatbush. Post 9/11 the difficult trek to visit them from Teaneck had become even harder. They had been living in Brooklyn for almost 60 years and, from their perspective, the thought of moving to New Jersey was inconceivable. Yet every day my mother complained


Felicia Kaplan Joins the Links Residential Team As Its Newest REALTOR® / Sales Associate

(Courtesy of Links Residential) For over 30 years, Felicia Kaplan has been giving back to the Bergen County community. During this time, she has taught at Yavneh Academy, The Frisch School, Bruriah High School and, most recently, The Moriah School, where she has been teaching second grade for the last 15 years. Felicia has


Malleable Mortgages

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am fascinated (ok, obsessed) with the notion of a “growth mindset.” I was first introduced to the concept of a “growth” versus “fixed” mindset by Carol Dweck in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Dweck, a Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, demonstrated that the


Hatikvah: The Bohemian’s Rhapsody

My friend recently texted me from Tel Aviv: “What are the chances that I would be on Imber Street in the morning and at the Hatikvah Market on Hatikvah Street in the afternoon? Unbelievable!” After I pleaded ignorance, my friend helped me connect the dots and gain an appreciation of this obscure man who wrote a poem that would


Tips to Keep Kids’ Rooms Clean and Organized

(StatePoint) For the past year, many of us have lived, played, worked and gone to school right at home, making clutter inevitable – especially when it comes to kids’ bedrooms and playrooms.

No matter how many times parents tell their children to clean their rooms, the collection of


The Missed Home Improvement Step Putting You and Your Community at Risk

(BPT) What do planting a tree, building a patio, installing a pool and putting up a fence have in common? These popular home improvement projects add value to your home, and they all require an important safety step: getting utility lines marked before digging.

With so many people spending more

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