Friday, August 06, 2021

Real Estate

Why I Love Surfside!

When my family moved to Florida from Mexico 25 years ago, we rented at Tower 41 in Miami Beach. We loved Tower 41 and the people who lived there, but we bought our penthouse apartment in Surfside.

The reason we bought in Surfside was because it was, and still is, the only area in all of Florida


Should I Sell My House Now?

One of my favorite lines in real estate is “The best time to buy was 30 years ago; the second-best time to buy is today.” In five or 10 years from now we may say the best time to buy was in 2021.

Selling, on the other hand, is a different story. Selling can be a lot more tricky, similar to stocks or


Giving Them What They Don’t Want

There is a great video circulating on social media that sums up the current real estate and housing market. It’s a parody of someone selling a simple ‘apple’ to the open market, mimicking how competitive it is to buy a house right now. The auctioneer announces: “Okay, people, here’s how this is going to work. I have an apple. The


Spring Market Shows Uptick In Much-Needed New Listings

Home buyers should see a silver lining on the horizon as the market trends towards an increase in housing stock across most locales. With vaccines widely available and most COVID restrictions scheduled to be lifted, many sellers are indicating they are ready to make their next move and will be adding their much needed homes to the short


New to Plant Parenting? Here’s What You Need to Know

(StatePoint) Plant parenthood among Millennials and Gen Z has been on the rise in recent years, and time spent at home throughout the pandemic has inspired even more people to start houseplant collections. In fact, over the past year, searches including “indoor plants,” “buy plants” and “plant delivery” spiked, as many


Should You Sell Your House Yourself or Hire a Professional?

During the past year, while spending lots of time at home with my wife and infant daughter, I learned that DIY projects can be really fun AND save me money. I embarked on a few projects including repainting our exterior shutters, re-tiling our bathroom floor and even installing new light fixtures. While I had lots of fun, I did learn after


The Truth About My Competitors

I can no longer sit idle watching and hearing what I have about the experiences people have had “out there” with their mortgages. Admittedly, everyone has room for improvement, and I will be the first to admit it on my end. The financial system has been overwhelmed with high demand in borrowing for well over a year. The challenges in


The Kamson Corporation Celebrates Grand Opening of River Commons

(Courtesy of The Kamson Corp.) The Kamson Corporation is pleased to commemorate the grand opening of our newest mixed-use community in New Jersey, River Commons Apartments.

Ideally located at the intersection of Newbridge and River Roads in Teaneck, this boutique three-story


The Great American Pool Shortage

I remember the first home that I listed which had an inground swimming pool. Customer after customer that viewed the property said, “We love the house but how much would it cost to have the pool filled in?” After a few years I became an expert in pool filling and could easily cite the benefits of using clean fill versus masonry


Nine Cold, Hard Facts About Home Selling

As a real estate adviser, having many clients with many different personalities, it can sometimes be difficult to say things as it is, but in my experience, doing so is guaranteed to help everyone in the long run. Every industry has its own undeniable truths that have taken shape over years of trial, error and a healthy dose of data; the


Four Ways to Prepare Your Home for Bug Season

(StatePoint) Spring is the official start to bug season, making it important to prepare your home. Here are four steps you can take you keep bugs at bay:

1. Do a spot check: Check window and door screens for tears to prevent flying bugs from getting in the home and make repairs where necessary.


Have You Personalized Your Mortgage?

As technology continues to play a more dominant role in how mortgages are obtained and transferred in the secondary market, the industry appears to be trending to a more commoditized product offering where almost all loan options look the same. Anyone can go online and get a rate quote with just a few clicks on a smartphone. Yet, I believe

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