Sunday, June 04, 2023

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KO Management to Bring Jewish-Friendly Housing to Binghamton University

Finding housing for college students can be tough, especially if you’re Jewish. There’s the matter of finding shomer Shabbat roommates, apartments near kosher restaurants or shuls, and general accessibility. Often, due to the sheer lack of options, Jewish students have to resign themselves to integrating into their


Israel Real Estate, Locations And Communities for Everyone

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly) Looking to buy Israeli real estate as an investment or home to live in? Look no further. Tivuch Shelly, founded by Shelly Levine, has been involved in building up some of the best Anglo communities in Israel and we continue to help our clients purchase the “right” property. “People know that when


The Disappearing House

The State of Israel is one of the few countries in the world experiencing positive population growth. In 2022, Israel’s population increased by over 1.5%, over four times the average of developed countries. In comparison, the US grew by.38%, China’s population was flat at 0%, and Italy’s population declined by.38%.


Maximizing Your Money, Part II

Almost 300 people came out to experience the inaugural Kosher Money Live event this past week in Lawrence, New York. The energetic crowd was eager to learn from the experts discussing strategies to maximize their money. The evening was led by keynote speaker Naftoli Horowitz, Managing Director, Private Wealth Management, at Morgan Staley.


V’Nahaphochu: When Everything Works Out Exactly As It Wasn’t Supposed To

I don’t know if there are statistics backing up the claim I am about to make, but 30 years of selling real estate should offer me some credibility in making the following observation: If I were to take a random sample of homeowners and ask if they consider the current house they are living in to be their dream home, or do they


Tivuch Shelly Real Estate In Israel Is Coming to Your Community

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly) When Anglo Americans look to buy Israeli real estate as a home or investment, they will likely find their way to Tivuch Shelly. Shelly Levine and her company, Tivuch Shelly, have been involved in building up some of the best Anglo communities in Israel. “People know that when we put our name on a


The German Colony: Jerusalem’s Most Desirable Neighborhood

Many of our clients are looking to buy their Jerusalem home in The German Colony, a gorgeous neighborhood, renowned for its charming architecture, rich history and serene green streets.

With its mix of modern and classic buildings, bustling shopping and dining scene, and beautiful


Want Zero Mortgage Debt? Higher Rates Can Get You There

This info may blow your mind!

No secret, current rates are higher than they were, but historically still pretty good. Buyers are still buying, and owners with great rates are holding or taking equity lines. Whether buying or refinancing, the goal is to pay down as quickly as


Tips for Long Lasting Hardwood Floors

(BPT) Solid hardwood floors are beautiful and timeless, adding value to any property. However, there’s a misconception that real hardwood floors are difficult to maintain. The truth is that they can last for decades, as long you follow a few simple steps on a regular schedule.

In fact, the


Maximizing Your Money in Real Estate

A couple reached out to me at the request of their friend. They already owned a home, and with their current low rate mortgage, they certainly weren’t calling about a refinance. They were reluctant to call because they didn’t want to “waste my time” with a general real estate question that wasn’t business related to me. When I


Low Inventory Doesn’t Mean No Inventory

Let’s for a moment put ourselves in the shoes of a recently married couple of four years. One of the spouses is an “out of towner,” and immediately felt comfortable with suburban Northern New Jersey as the neat rows of houses reminded her of home, although with much smaller parcels of land. The other spouse was born and


David Baumser of OMO Construction Aims to Please

Building your “dream home” from scratch or adding on to your existing home can be stressful, or even traumatic. For close to 30 years, David Baumser, owner of On My Own (OMO) Construction, has prided himself on “getting it right” for his customers. As he shared, the secret to his

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