Monday, September 26, 2022

Real Estate

Too Much Light in Your Bedroom? How to Sleep on Shavuot Morning

A past client reached out to me for an “upgrade.” In this later stage of life, with the parents having established successful careers, the family was eager for more space. With a great listing in mind that had been tastefully renovated we made an appointment for a showing. One of the highlights of the home which I


How to Make Your Dream Garden a Reality

(BPT) Gardening has become a very popular pastime over the past two years, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down. According to last year’s Axiom Gardening Insights Survey, 62% of respondents said they will plant even more in 2022. Whether you’re one of the many who plan to expand your garden or it’s your first attempt,


Transform Your Yard Into Paradise With Zaquatic Gardens

It was spring and COVID had shut down the world. To keep busy, Yosef Zakon of Monsey did gardening and landscaping at his parents’ house. Growing up, he had often mowed the lawn for his folks, and would try his hand at landscaping.

Then one day he thought of putting


Ode to the Ugliest Building in Jerusalem

I recall having a conversation a dozen years ago with my partner Eliezer Goldberg, inquiring when the hideous Supersol building—so-called in honor of the city’s first supermarket, situated underneath the famous structure—will be razed and replaced with a new building. He responded that there were rumblings that the building,


Top Tips for a Smooth Move

(StatePoint) Whether hiring professionals or doing it all on your own, preparation is the most important step in a smooth move.

The experts at Duck Brand recommend staying organized with packing lists and labels. Pace yourself by completing one room at a time to prevent yourself from feeling


Classic Bait and Switch

This week a former Loan Officer stopped by my office to say “Hi!” In the summer of 2020, she was poached by another mortgage firm, and I hadn’t seen her since. She was with our company for about a year, and we taught her the ins and outs of the business from scratch. With the historically low rates due to Covid, she was approached


‘Summer of ‘22’

The pollen has mostly fallen from the trees and left its yellowish green haze on every outdoor surface. There is now only a short window to enjoy the mild weather before a new generation of thirsty mosquitos begin their yearly invasion. This time period is known on the calendar “officially” as Memorial Day Weekend, but


Get Inspired at Highstyle Stone & Tile in Monsey

For over 35 years, Highstyle Stone & Tile has been serving its customers by helping them to create elegant and luxurious spaces. Out of its newest showroom in Monsey, the leading supplier of high quality stone and tile carries the finest selection of merchandise where clients can come in and not only


Moved and Bought a Home? Here’s What You Should Know

(BPT) Much of the country is still in the middle of a red-hot real estate market. Home values are rising due to high demand and first-time homebuyers should be aware of how the value of their home impacts the way their premiums are calculated. Location and structure type are two examples of considerations that can affect


E-Z Fix: Repairing Your Needs With Peace of Mind

It was 2015 when Moshe Rosenberg and David Eizikovitz decided to purchase a large commercial building in Hillside, New Jersey. With a laundry list of work that needed to be done, the two entrepreneurs set out to make all the necessary repairs, but in the process, amassed a lifetime’s worth of experience


Three Natural Hacks To Keep a Clean Kitchen

(StatePoint) Are you looking to avoid harsh chemicals in the place where you prepare and eat food? Hoping to green your clean? Here are three natural hacks for keeping a healthy and tidy kitchen:

1. Ditch the paper towels: Whether you’re quickly wiping up a spill or doing a deep clean, it’s


Waivers and Ghost Competition

Enduring the past topsy-turvy impact of COVID and dire health concerns of the past two years, the real estate market has ironically been fierce, with prices booming. Coupled with low interest rates for the past three years, the level of interest in purchasing property has soared. It’s been both difficult and enlightening for

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