Friday, August 06, 2021

Real Estate

Thoughts on Sunset Views and Movie Theaters

I can write a book about the conversations I’ve overheard from my buyers immediately following a showing. Some comments are more sarcastic: “Who do they think they are—asking so much money for a house like that?” “Who paints a bathroom that color?” There was even the time whereupon leaving a house for sale the buyer


Lighten Up! Designer Tips for Transforming Your Home Lighting

(BPT) When it comes to choosing beautiful, functional lighting, the selections can appear endless and may be leaving you with no idea where to start.

If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners mistakenly believe any fixture will do the same job, when in fact effective lighting design is


Five Ways to Prepare Your House to Sell and Get Top Dollar

We all know that selling a home is a notoriously stressful process. We need to navigate the property market to determine what buyers are drawn to, which is always challenging. However, if you want to secure top dollar for your property, you need to focus on buyers’ needs and on standing out among local inventory that buyers will also be


Olim Advisors Takes Guesswork Out of Investing in Israeli Real Estate

‘Buying a home in Israel’ webinar planned for this Sunday.

You’ve reached the point where you’re in a financial position to acquire an apartment or a home in Israel, while still living in the US. Perhaps you’re putting in roots for a future move or just


When Is the Housing Market Going to Crash?

Last week, Google, the world’s largest search engine, reported that the search “When is the housing market going to crash?” had spiked 2,450% since late March. According to CNBC, searches for “Why is the market so hot” had doubled since last week. Clearly, market participants and analysts are starting to get worried about prices,


Debbie Bain Sells Ra’anana

Debbie Bain of Bain Realtors has been selling homes in Ra’anana since making aliyah with her family nearly a decade ago. Originally from Los Angeles, Bain believes Ra’anana is an ideal place for olim chadashim because it allows for what she calls a “soft landing.”

Founded in


When Is It Time to Buy?

A young agent who works for me at V&N recently got married and moved into the luxury building at 1500 on Teaneck Rd. She was telling me all about the amenities of the apartments, the people she was meeting, the interesting smells drifting through the halls every night and then she said, “My mom told me I’m crazy to be paying so much rent.”


Dreamer and Pragmatist

On a tour of the Southern Wall of the Second Temple, I walked along Ma’alot Harav Shlomo Goren. It makes good sense that Rabbi Shlomo Goren was memorialized with a street named after him in Jerusalem’s Old City. As the Chief Rabbi of the IDF, Rabbi Goren was a passionate supporter of the liberation of the Old City. Indeed, one


Why Some Lenders Can Offer Lower Rates Than Others

Competition is usually beneficial for consumers, especially when it comes to comparable offerings. When suppliers know that their product can be shopped and matched, it often prompts them to deliver their best price upfront. Despite over 90% of conventional loans being sold to the same FHFA Agencies, not all loan sources are equal when it


First Quarter 2021 Sales And Pricing Data: The Facts

With the end of spring break and the Passover/Easter holidays over, the spring market is officially upon us and understanding the statistics, while not as funny as the time I accidentally tried selling a customer their own house, is something we must discuss in this column.

Only two


Award-Winning Bergen County Real Estate Agent Linda Stamker Joins Compass

When you’ve decided it’s time to get a new home, ideally you want to find a real estate agent who’s lived in the community for years and knows the area quite well; someone who is recognized by their peers for their skills and successes and praised by numerous clients; someone who takes pride in and is recognized for


What Homeowners Need to Know Before Refinancing

(StatePoint) With mortgage rates hovering near three percent, experts say there are still a number of homeowners who could benefit from refinancing. In fact, borrowers who refinanced in 2020 to lower their mortgage rate saved over $2,800 in mortgage payments annually, according to the latest Freddie Mac research.

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