Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Real Estate

It’s Your Move: Aliyah in the Wake of the Coronavirus Crisis

For many Jews, Israel has always been the “final destination,” with their current residence (even one that is several generations strong!) merely a “pitstop” on the way home. Of course, that temporary sojourn is often further protracted by the comfortable lifestyle, ever-increasing opportunities and


Amy Cohn Architects Can Build You the Home of Your Dreams in Israel

Have you always wanted to own your dream home in Israel, beautifully designed and decorated? Whether you already have a home in Israel or are considering buying one, architect Amy Cohn is ready to turn it into the home of your dreams. Amy and her team offer a soup-to-nuts architectural


How to Prepare for a Home-Buying Trip

Unfortunately, over the past six months, many people have been unable to visit Israel. Sadly, plans for family vacations, attending weddings, aliyah pilot trips and home-buying trips were all canceled. We pray that the country will soon reopen and Jews from around the world will be able to travel home to Israel. Let’s focus up on


How Is the Global Pandemic Actually Impacting Israel’s Real Estate Market?

(Courtesy of Asden Israel)

From changing sales figures to the way available homes are shown, this global pandemic is changing the real estate market globally. How and why is Israel different?

While Demand Rises, the Supply Is at An


Daniel Lorch of Keller Williams Realty Buys/Sells Northern New Jersey

Daniel Lorch of Keller Williams Realty helps people buy and sell homes in Bergen, Passaic and Morris Counties. Originally from Brazil, Lorch has been living in Bergen County for ten years and working as an agent for the last seven. Prior to KW his focus was on real estate investing. He transitioned to sales after a highly


What Will The New Year Bring?

To say that 5780 was an unprecedented year would still fall short of genuinely describing all that we have endured these past few months. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all facets of life – economically, medically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially - the likes of which no one has experienced in their


More! or Less

I’ve been thinking a lot about our current economic environment. Mortgage rates drop and that creates an opportunity to lower your payments, build equity, sell your house (great time) and trade down, possibly walking away with cash, having less responsibility and a lower payment, or trade up for more space at possibly the same payment you


Next Year in Jerusalem? Real Estate Trends and Outlook Analysis

I’m Ben Levene, originally from London and I have been a real estate broker for the past 10 years in Israel. Over this time, and especially now, I have been receiving many questions from English speakers who are interested in purchasing Israeli real estate; they often ask about purchasing from abroad, changes to foreign tax laws,


Get Growing This Fall Gardening Season

(BPT) The changing season offers a new opportunity to grow fall-friendly plants. Gardening is a great way to decorate your space with beautiful blooms, grow fresh vegetables that produce delicious cool season harvests, and is a safe, healthy activity to engage in while practicing social distancing and enjoying the


Celebrating the New Year

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, is one of my favorite holidays. There are actually four “New Years” in the Jewish tradition for those that might not be familiar. According to the Mishnah, The first of Nissan is the new year for kings and for festivals - corresponding to the redemption of the Jewish people from Egypt and the birth of


Hagaon Harav Betzalel Rudinsky to Lead Community In Ramat Givat Zeev

(Courtesy of Ramat Givat Zeev) Ramat Givat Zeev is a luxurious neighborhood that includes many spacious parks, a magnificent mikvah, a shopping center, shuls and schools. Now the community leaders are working toward strengthening the community of American olim, with the arrival of Hagaon Harav Betzalel Rudinsky, one of the leading


Real Estate and Estate Planning

A client recently inquired how—from an estate-planning perspective—purchasers from overseas should structure the acquisition of a second home in Israel. Attorney Michael Sacofsky, who specializes in real estate transactional law as well as trust and estates law, explained what the purchaser should do to protect their assets.