Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Real Estate

Approved Funding Welcomes Israel Besser

(Courtesy of Approved Funding) Approved Funding is proud to welcome Israel Besser to its corporate office in Bergen County. Israel joins as a Business Development Manager working to continue the growth of the company as it continues to expand its operations in North Jersey and beyond.


2020 Interior Design Trends on the Horizon

(StatePoint) The beginning of the new year is a natural time to think about refreshing the look of your home, and in 2020, “cozy” and “warm” are trending keywords for interior design, according to experts, with luxurious textiles, inviting color palettes, and warm mixed metals found across all design styles.


Jerusalem’s Bedroom Communities

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the capital of the Jewish world—and, for many of our clients, living there is a dream come true. However, for a variety of reasons, Jerusalem is not for everyone––whether it be due to finances, the desire for larger homes or more green space or more intimate communities.


‘Eight Crazy Nights’ of Estate Planning Topics To Discuss With Your Family and Friends

In many ways, the holiday season is the perfect time to think about estate and personal planning.

Comedian Adam Sandler’s “The Chanukah Song” has become a holiday classic for all regardless of whether they celebrate the Festival of Lights. A familiar refrain (in all four editions of the song) is


Should I Be Worried About That Condensation on My Windows?

(StatePoint) If you take a look at your home’s windows and doors in winter, you may notice condensation. As temperatures drop, it often appears on the inside and outside of these surfaces.

Here’s what you need to know about why condensation occurs, when it matters and what you can do about it:

Interior Condensation

When the heat


Mortgage Market Watch: Are We About To See 2.00%?

It started as a post on Twitter from President Trump. The tweet read, “Getting VERY close to a BIG DEAL with China. They want it and so do we!” The stock market soared on the news and longer-term Treasuries and bonds sold-off. Until then, the 10-year U.S. Treasury yield, which is the index that best mirrors the yields on


How to Keep Your House Warm, Even in Freezing Temperatures

(BPT) With the early arrival of winter, the grip of cold temperatures and snowfall that landed along with it, now is a good time to start thinking about keeping your home warm and cozy all season long.

This winter, consider the strategies below to keep your house warm, even during the most


CapitIl Real Estate Discusses Purchasing Property in Israel at Keter Torah

(Courtesy of CapitIl Real Estate) CapitIl Real Estate recently held a well-attended event at Keter Torah where the topic of the evening was purchasing an apartment in Israel and the entire process of purchasing property in Israel. This was CapitIl’s second event in six months at Keter Torah and its fourth event in New Jersey this


Pest Busters USA Promises Efficient Pest Control Management

Pest Busters USA, a pest control business operating out of Passaic, offers affordable and efficient pest control management services to Bergen County and surrounding areas. Helmed by Yaakov Tapick, the business specializes in exterminations of mice, roaches, bees and much more. It provides services to residential, commercial and


Expanding Alternative Mortgage Options

With interest rates continuing to maintain their extremely low levels, many astute homeowners are trying to take advantage of the favorable market. Although mortgage rates are not at historic lows, they are still in the top percentage category of the lowest market rates ever! Yet, there are still millions of homeowners who have not


Three Towns, One Big, Warm Community: It’s ‘Tri-Town’

When embarking on a home search, what do you consider? The property, of course—how many bedrooms and bathrooms, size of the backyard and whether the house has a finished basement. Price range, sure. Town, definitely. But wait a minute—are you really sure the town matters? If you’re looking in the “Tri-Town area,” it might


Building Chavat Eitam

In September of 2018, a horrible tragedy occurred. Ari Fuld was murdered.

And thus began a project dear to his heart, the building of an educational farm in the ancient city of Eitam, a city originally built by Rechovam, king of Judah almost 3,000 years ago. For centuries, this