Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Real Estate

Givat Adumim: Where Your Dreams Can Come True

We are blessed to live in a community where aliyah is on the minds of so many people. As much as many wish that it could happen, there are so many constraints that make the reality of such a dream highly unlikely at the present.

Gil Ovadia, representing Mitzpe Adumim, has come along at just the right


Bathroom Builders Takes a New Approach to Remodeling

Bathroom Builders is giving homeowners a refresh that slashes the expense, time and effort usually involved in bathroom remodeling. Three partners, with years of experience in the construction industry, have created a process that makes redoing a bathroom easy and affordable.


Ron Cohen Joins the Team at Keller Williams Realty

Real estate enthusiast Ron Cohen has joined the team at Keller Williams Realty. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, Cohen touts a background in real estate development and property management and is currently selling properties throughout the tri-State area.

Cohen was raised in Israel and


The Federal Reserve Quietly Makes A Monumental Change

We have been hearing a lot from the Federal Reserve over the past few months. Starting with an emergency meeting on a Sunday night in mid-March where Fed Chairman Jerome Powell cut overnight-banking rates to zero and launched a massive $700 billion quantitative easing program. This unprecedented move was followed with additional efforts


Coming Full Circle

When Kibbutz Lavi’s furniture company agreed to take on restoration work on a synagogue in Germany, what they didn’t know was that their own kibbutz members are direct descendants of the synagogue’s rabbi.

Viewing the breathtaking grandeur of the


Jacob’s Ladder Installs Air Purification Systems That Eliminate Viruses, Germs and Allergens

Scientists are taking a closer look at indoor ventilation as a culprit in transmitting COVID-19, according to a September 1 report in The Wall Street Journal. Researchers say air should be cleaned to prevent virus particles from circulating and reaching new targets. Jacob Finkel, a heating and air conditioning specialist


How a Smart Home Can Help You Save Money

(BPT) Hundreds of millions of people have sheltered in place as governments issue executive orders to help slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As a result, many homes are becoming a fortress against the virus, a makeshift school, an office outpost and a daycare facility. As homeowners continue to spend more time at home


Can I Buy an Apartment Without Seeing It?

I’m Ben Levene, originally from London and I have been a real estate broker for the last 10 years in Israel. Over this time, and especially now, I have been receiving many questions from English-speakers who are interested in purchasing Israeli real estate; they often ask about purchasing from abroad, changes to foreign tax laws,


Falling Into Home Safety

(BPT) While the crisp autumn air signals the change of seasons, it also brings fire safety risks associated with fall activities, such as getting cozy around a campfire and burning candles. While spending more time at home and cooking more indoors as cooler weather approaches, it is important to be prepared. According to


Fueling Up for Outdoor Fall Chores

(StatePoint) Along with the fall season comes a range of outdoor chores for homeowners nationwide, from clearing trees and branches after wicked weather strikes to gathering autumn leaves. Here are a few things to consider as you go about fueling your chainsaws, leaf blowers and other lawn care equipment:


Reasons NOT To Refinance Your Mortgage

By now, everyone is aware that interest rates are at historically low levels, the likes of which we might never see again in the United States. I often get calls from people on a Sunday or Monday morning, and they remark how they were with friends over Shabbos or the weekend, and the topic of interest rates came up. Naturally, they wanted


Tips for Jump-Starting Your Next Home Project, Safely

(BPT) While health and safety concerns remain top of mind for all Americans, many are also using this season and the extra time at home to get started on long-awaited home improvement projects. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to achieve your vision for your abode safely, with a little planning and know how, while