Monday, April 19, 2021

Real Estate

Who Was Moshe Wittenberg?

We have been working on a magnificent new project called Wittenberg Hills, located steps from the Brisk Yeshiva and less than 10 minutes from the Mir Yeshiva. Situated near Geula, the original property was built in 1885 and was known as Sha’arei Moshe in honor of its benefactor, Moshe Wittenberg. The developer had spoken


Cheapest Money Ever

Whenever I speak with a potential client about mortgage financing, I always as them, “what is your objective?” These days, the most common response that I get is, “I am trying to take advantage of the cheapest money ever.” Indeed, interest rates are at historic lows, and people are flocking to access cash like never before. Whether


Tri Furniture Design Emphasizes Form and Function When Choosing Office Furniture

When starting a new building project, many business people think from the inside out. They plan the architectural design, and once construction is moving along, they start to consider furnishing options. That is a mistake, said Mordechai Ort, owner of Tri Furniture Design, an expert furniture dealer representing


My Funniest Real Estate Story

I guess my funniest real estate story goes as follows:

About 18 years ago one of my customers looking to purchase a home heard that a neighbor was considering selling and asked if would approach them on their behalf. I dressed up in a navy suit with a white shirt (El Al stewardess style) and went to


Top Things Homeowners Forget When Prepping Their Home for Winter

(BPT) In the winter, keeping the cold out and the heat in is everything. For many busy homeowners, it can be easy to overlook a few simple preventive maintenance tasks before cold weather sets in. Doing so can reduce the risk of home damage and help maximize energy efficiency. So before frigid temperatures are here for good, you


Keep Your Home Network Secure With These Simple Steps

(StatePoint) Working and learning from home is the new norm for millions of American families. They’re engaged in a daily juggling act, making sure everyone has the bandwidth and privacy to complete their work, whether it’s the latest algebra assignment or the monthly all-staff meeting. Add in streaming services, online shopping and an


London Construction: Roofing and Home Improvement Specialists

London Construction, a family owned and operated home improvement company, has been serving the tri-state area for more than three decades, specializing in roofing, masonry and tiling services for both residential and commercial spaces.

Recognized as a veteran in the construction


How to Be Ready for the Next Power Outage

(BPT) Chances are, you’ve been through it - when severe weather hits, there’s nearby construction or just out of the blue, your power suddenly goes out. And you don’t know how long it will last - minutes, hours or days. It’s not just an inconvenience for your family, especially since everyone is spending more time working


Showing Appreciation

This year we will be celebrating, or not celebrating, Thanksgiving like never before. As one of the most popular holidays in America, this time, the gatherings will be decreased, and the festivities will be diminished. I hope, however, that the message that this time-period brings does not get squandered in the midst. Whatever your


Spruce Up Classrooms With Shelf Liner

(StatePoint) Whether you’re a parent managing your kids’ remote-learning or a teacher working to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for those in the classroom, there is a cost-effective secret weapon that can be used for countless projects: shelf liner.

Here are five fun and useful ways to use shelf liner throughout the school


DIY Projects That Will Have You Falling for Outdoor Living

(BPT) Never before has a home’s outdoor space been more cherished or vital. It’s not surprising then that nearly two-thirds of American homeowners have either recently undertaken or are in the process of upgrading their home’s exterior, according to Porch.com. For those of you still in the planning phase,


Links Residential Releases Cookbook

(Courtesy of Link Residential) The Links Residential Team is excited to announce the official launch of our Links Agent Cookbook! Over this past year we have all experienced the importance of a home firsthand. We have spent more hours at home than we ever would’ve imagined and were forced to transform our spaces to adapt to our new