Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Real Estate

KLY Real Estate and Investments: Helping You Buy Your Dream Home in Israel

Rob Ernst decided he wanted to live in Israel back in 1988. He never dreamed then that he would also help other Jews make their dream come true and buy a home in Israel too, and in the process provide them with the highest standards of professionalism and customer service.

Ernst went to


The Countdown

I recently heard a great story from Rabbi Duvi Bensoussan titled “the Countdown” about something that happened a few years ago in Los Angeles, California. With the recent surge in Covid cases, it is questionable as to how many will be gathered in New York City Times Square to experience the traditional New Year’s countdown and famous


Bal Harbour, Florida, Comes to Teaneck

Recently I was contacted by a client. “Leon, I own a very high-end property on the No. 1 street in Teaneck,” he said. “I feel that with stronger international exposure it would reach more people and get higher offers. I know that you have a reputation for dealing with high-end clients from all around the world. Can you help me get it


I Will Make My Prediction

I have a few people that I show my articles to before I send them to the very capable Jewish Link editorial staff and, without fail, they have always blocked me from making predictions. “What can you possibly gain by making a prediction?” they will say. “If you’re right, no one will remember and if you’re wrong it may


How to Choose the Best Wallpaper Design for Any Space

(StatePoint) Thinking about using wallpaper to transform your walls from drab to fab? You’re in good company. Wallpaper’s popularity is on the rise in both residential and commercial spaces and gaining an edge over paint.

Why? Experts believe this trend reflects a growing recognition of


Highland Park/Edison

So far, this column has been intended to help readers find options to consider for relocating to far-flung communities that may offer a very different quality of life—cities like Las Vegas and Orlando that offer different climates and geographic terrain.

While there are so many opportunities for young


Six Reasons to Go Tankless for Heated Water

(BPT) If you’re one of the many homeowners renovating your house this year, you’re likely looking at a wealth of new products and features that could add beauty and/or functionality to your lifestyle.

Thanks in part to our trend of spending more time at home, a significant 59% of


All in a Day’s Work

While the unemployment rate continues to be elevated, there aren’t enough hours in the day for those in certain businesses. In the real estate and mortgage industries, challenges continue to evolve as transactions become more complex. The patience and experience of veteran real estate professionals are helping get deals done in a timely


Tips to Boost Your Home Design With Energy-Efficient LED Bulbs

(BPT) If you dream about transforming your home on a budget, chances are you’ve considered new paint, area rugs or window treatments. While these updates can refresh rooms without breaking the bank, there’s a crucial and often overlooked design element that can truly transform a room - lighting.


And All Through the House…

Visiting a home for sale, one of my more savvy clients asked both me and her husband to stand in the spacious family room on the first floor and wait. She walked back to the entrance, picked up her high heels and walked up the stairs to the second floor. My first thoughts were that she wanted some privacy to make an


Keep Your Home Cozy All Winter Long

(StatePoint) According to the Energy Information Administration, heating bills for homes that use natural gas could be significantly higher this winter – perhaps by as much as 50%. Why? Based on recent weather trends, colder temperatures are expected, which not only boosts the energy your home needs to stay warm, but quickly raises the


Buckle Up, Its About To Get Bumpy

So many things are happening simultaneously in the broader economy that it is hard to really fathom it all. If you stop to think about it, how did we get to this point? Is Covid truly to blame for everything? Is it related to the Biden administration? Are any of these matters manipulated from abroad? Is America starting to crumble after

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