Friday, August 06, 2021

Real Estate

Chasing Every Crumb

It is always so impressive to see how diligent people are when it comes time to rid their homes of chametz. Some are so meticulous that they sell their entire home altogether and fly down to Florida to ensure they are not near their forbidden crumbs. Jokes aside, it is undoubtedly a holiday where everyone works conscientiously to adhere to


KW Realtors Daniel Lorch and Ron Cohen Offer Platinum Services for Buyers and Sellers

If you are looking for seasoned and savvy sales experience in a realtor, then you’ve “arrived at the right address.” Daniel Lorch and Ron Cohen of Keller Williams Park View Realty have spent the past year transforming a plummeting real estate market struck by COVID into a fountain of opportunity for both buyers and sellers.


Hire the Right Muscle For Your Next Move


Muscle Movers is a new and upcoming moving company started by the Lipner brothers, Eli and Dovid. From a young age, the Lipner brothers always enjoyed doing odd jobs and helping out family and friends. Over time their reputations grew and eventually they became well known and highly recommended throughout the


Deena Rubin Is the Real Estate ‘Shadchan’ You Need

“I love when clients refer to me as their ‘shadchan’,” said real estate agent Deena Rubin, “matching the right seller with the right buyer.”

That is how Deena has always done business during her nearly 22 year real estate career, by “working tirelessly to


Using a Realtor Has Many Benefits

Purchasing a home is an important (and sometimes very difficult) phase in life. With the thousands of available properties listed for sale, one may think it comes down to a simple task of choosing one of them. However, finding the right property can be quite tricky and very time-consuming, not to talk about the heartbreaks endured during the process. The easiest way of


Where Should You Buy in Israel? Ask Shelly Levine

(Courtesy of Tivuch Shelly) When an observant Anglo is looking to buy real estate in Israel, whether as a home or investment, it’s likely he will find his way to Levine. Her company, Tivuch Shelly, specializes in selling in new and existing communities that attract Anglos. She knows what will attract American buyers and


Apartment Hunting in Israel on Chol Hamoed

A client wanted to go apartment hunting in Jerusalem during Chol Hamoed Pesach but was unsure whether halachically he may do so. I told him to ask his local rabbi as I am not fit to make that decision for him. As this question comes up often, I decided to devote this article to review some of the issues.


The Fed ‘Powells’ Ahead

This week we had a crucial meeting by The Federal Reserve and its chair, Jerome Powell. The policymaking Federal Open Market Committee voted to keep rates steady near zero. The committee members are forecasting unemployment to fall to 4.5% from the current level of 6.2%. Expectations for core inflation have moved higher, with the Fed now


Realtor Elly Markovic Brings You Home to Springfield

Buying the right home to fit your needs is one of the most important life decisions you’ll make. So, finding the best professional to guide you in that selection is an essential decision in itself. If you are considering Springfield, New Jersey, an excellent place to start is by reaching out to Elly Markovic, a seasoned


What Do I Do With This Pink Bathroom?!

I was meeting a client for the first time and had been unsuccessful over the phone in “extracting” from her what kind of a home she was looking for. I lined up a few houses to see in various price ranges and, as I often do, we began with one of the more modest homes on our itinerary. We started walking through the first house,


Get Your Game On With AC Beyda Construction

Albert Beyda has always appreciated a good game of basketball but never paid much attention to the court on which it was played. That changed in 2017 when he became the proud owner of AC Beyda, a premier athletic court construction company.

The company was


Young Designers Discuss Up-and-Coming Design Inspirations

(BPT) Americans spent more time at home in 2020 than any other year, inspiring people to take on new interests like baking, crafting or interior design. While some things went oh so right, like a gorgeous new kitchen, some may have fallen a little flat - literally when your sourdough starter never “started.”

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