June 16, 2024
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June 16, 2024
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Revolutionary New App Connects the Jewish World in Prayer

Abraham’s Legacy-Tehillim Together: Leilui nishmat Avraham Ben Pauline, a”h

(Courtesy of Abraham’s Legacy) We turn to it in times of need. When a loved one is sick. When we feel alone; when we need hope. When we need the strength to push forward, to overcome.


Instilling hope even in the darkest of times, Abraham’s Legacy-Tehillim Together is a place you can go to feel connected to the global world through the power of Tehillim.

Download the new Tehillim App: Abraham’s Legacy-Tehillim Together. It provides an opportunity to unite the world through the power of Tehillim in an extraordinary way.

When we hear the news that someone is in need of prayers, before we know it someone has created a WhatsApp group, or Tehillim chain distributing chapters to everyone who wants to take part. “You take Chapter 10, I’ll take Chapter 20. Who wants Chapter 52?” But let’s be honest, we never know whether people truly complete their chapter, and it can become tedious to constantly send daily reminders to your groups. Plus, our inboxes are full as it is and messages can get lost in the shuffle. When someone’s life hangs in the balance, tehillim can make a huge difference.

Enter Abraham’s Legacy for all of your Tehillim needs.

Never worry about breaking up the book of Tehillim again. With Abraham’s Legacy you can collectively complete the book of Tehillim thousands of times a day with the entire world. Simply tap to pray and Abraham’s Legacy-Tehillim Together will assign you the next perek in the global count. See real time stats of how many perakim have been read, how many seforim have been completed, countries praying and people praying.

Plus, with Abraham’s Legacy you can set daily reminders to pray.

Want to complete the book of Tehillim for a friend or loved one? Create your own private Tehillim circle with an individualized link to invite friends and family to join you in tefillah. Chat with members of your circle and update them about the status of the person you’re praying for.

Keep track of who’s read the most daily and weekly on the global leaderboard and each of your individual circle leaderboards.

Simply want to read a given perek? Check out the side menu bar with Tehillim broken down in various ways and by categories, making it easy to access at any time, anywhere.

Check out Verses by Name-Otiot Neshama: Type in the name of the person you want to pray for and the app will generate specific pesukim based on their name.

Tefillah changes us, makes us stop and take a closer look and who we are, who we want to become. When we change, our world changes.

There are many ways you can get involved in this exciting Tehillim movement during such a necessary time in our history:

Download the free app and share with friends and family—available on iTunes and Android in English, Hebrew, Spanish and French under Abraham’s Legacy.

Join the #MyTehillimTime Women’s Virtual Festival: From now through Cheshvan, join each night for a 35-minute program including inspirational speakers, a global Tehillim read and daily raffle prize. Learn more about the program and register at www.abrahamslegacy.com/signup.

Giving a class? Running a virtual concert? Supercharge your session by ending with a powerful Call to Action and unite your virtual audience in tefillah. Email [email protected] to get a customized short one-minute video so your community can download the app and take part in a few minutes of Tehillim before heading off.

Share your story: Have an amazing story of how Tehillim has impacted your life? Submit your short-form story via video or text through at abrahamslegacy.com/signup or post on your social media channel with the hashtag #MyTehillimTime to inspire others to follow suit. All #MyTehillimTime entries will be entered into a raffle to win a 100% pure copper Netillah cup. You’ll receive a new entry for every post you share!

For more information on Abraham’s Legacy: A Social Network for Prayer visit www.abrahamslegacy.com.

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