September 29, 2023
September 29, 2023

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Saying Thanks on Thanksgiving, and Every Day

As staff members of The Jewish Link, we try very hard to channel and represent our readership, in some measure, in all of its diversity. We daven, we keep kosher, we go to shul and learn, we send our children to Jewish schools, we support Israel and dedicate time to the many organizations we care about. We give tzedaka and we support local businesses. (We especially love to patronize Jewish Link advertisers!)

We also love Thanksgiving because it’s a national holiday for grateful people like us. People who love their families and friends and enjoy getting together to break bread and eat turkey (turkey is optional). Expressing gratitude is a hallmark of our community and therefore a hallmark of The Jewish Link.

As we prepare to celebrate our newspaper’s 10th anniversary in just a few months, we want to express gratitude to the friends we have made through The Jewish Link over the past decade, who have become family. We are proud of the new connections we make every day, and take joy in every letter to the editor, change of address notice and delivery complaint (most of the time), and interactions we have regarding schools, new and growing organizations and businesses. We love that our divrei Torah section is so large and vibrant that we sometimes fear (in jest!) that it will eclipse the rest of the paper. What a beautiful problem to have!

Regardless, it is our honor and pleasure to be welcomed into your homes, not just this week but every single week of the year. From our families to yours, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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