November 29, 2023
November 29, 2023

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Dear Shayna B,

My name is Saralah and I’m going into first grade. I’m so scared for all the new beginnings. What if people steal my snack? What if my arm falls off if I raise it for too long? What if my morah is mean to me? What if the homework is too hard? I know you’ve already done first grade, so please help me!

Scared Saralah

Dear Scared Saralah,

What if that, what if this? First grade will be something you really miss. I have been raising my hand for six years if not more; it isn’t something that I much adore. But on me, two arms you see. First grade is a piece of cake, but the later grades really ache. The homework is addition and subtraction. It really is basic abstraction. So before you worry about first grade, remember that you have it made.

Best of luck,

Shayna B.

Shayna is a sixth grader and understands what kids in MIDDLE and elementary school are going through. She is happy to help others navigate this tricky time. She can be reached at [email protected]. She is looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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