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To celebrate the giving of the Torah and Shavuot, RPRY youngest students were enthralled to see a real sefer Torah. They were able to kiss it, learn about the different accoutrements and see the writing inside. Their love of Torah should continue to grow throughout the rest of their lives.


SINAI Schools

From making no-bake cheesecakes to designing flowers to baking Har Sinai cupcakes, SINAI elementary students had a blast learning about—and getting ready—for Shavuot!



The RYNJ banot of 5G have been engrossed in a fun and creative project to prepare for Shavuos. Each group chose a topic in the Torah to delve into, in depth. The students created slideshows, models and a trifold board to express all the different elements of what they learned. What a perfect way to prepare for


Yavneh Academy

On Erev Shavuot, Yavneh Academy had their final Inter-Grade Learning of the year. The fifth through eighth grade students taught students in first through fourth grade about why we begin Sefirat HaOmer on Pesach to count to Matan Torah. They learned about unity and that korban Pesach teaches us and how we were



BPY’s energetic shaliach Rav Aviv came up with a beautiful idea to make a siyum on Masechet Avot with MS students as spiritual prep for Shavuot. Twenty five students signed up to learn in depth after school hours. The siyum took place on Thursday, Erev Shavuot. Everyone is so proud of the students and their dedication



Bruriah students enjoyed a beautiful Shavuos mini-yom iyun to prepare themselves for the chag, entitled “Making Torah Real,” with its focus on how to Torah on a personal level. It began with an empowering speech by Bruriah’s Rabbi Judah Isaacs who spoke about what it means to take ownership of one’s Torah learning. Rabbi Isaacs’


Anshei Lubavitch

For the past seven weeks, Anshei students have been counting up the days until Shavuot. They used their math skills to count the days, weeks and months leading up to Matan Torah! They prepared for the holiday by making their own paper mache Har Sinai, creating floral masterpieces to decorate their homes and even


Gan Yaldenu Tots

The children have been learning Shavuot is when Hashem gave us the Torah. They learned the Torah teaches us what is right and what is wrong. They also learned about bikkurim, giving the first fruits to Hashem. All the classes joined together to celebrate the Torah. They had a parade dancing to Shavuot songs.



The Torah Factory’s Rabbi Yisroel came to IEBECC in preparation for Shavuot and showed the yeladim a real Torah scroll, with Hebrew letters that a sofer wrote. The yeladim touched it and were very impressed by the way it felt in their hands. They used a real feather and ink to trace aleph bet letters like the way the


Tenafly Chabad Academy

Tenafly Chabad Academy’s lower school has been bustling with excitement as students prepare for the joyous festival of Shavuot. The creativity and enthusiasm have resulted in some remarkable projects that truly capture the essence of the holiday.

First grade students have



One of the benefits of having your yeshiva right in your backyard is the opportunity to spend chagim at your second home. For the talmidim of TABC, both those who live locally and those who commute and stay at their friends’ homes, there are a multitude of opportunities throughout the year to take advantage of this unique perk. The most


Cheder Yaldei Menachem

Cheder Yaldei Menachem has been excitedly counting the days until Shavuos, when they will once again receive Hashem’s precious gift—the Torah. In anticipation of this special day, CYM celebrated their very own letter in the children’s sefer Torah! Every CYM child has one! Students proudly brought in their

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