Thursday, April 15, 2021


Tenafly Chabad Academy

On Thursday, TCA students in grades one through eight had a moving and meaningful day discussing and learning about Yom HaShoah. On Wednesday, students in grades five through eight received candles bearing names of Holocaust victims at the start of the program, which they had to research. The children then created


Bruriah High School

The Bruriah students were privileged to hear from Tibor Kupferstein, a Holocaust survivor from Budapest, Germany, about his experience in the Shoah. The girls were inspired by his ability to infuse joy into every day despite what he went through during the Holocaust. The students acknowledged that they were truly lucky to be



Ma’ayanot commemorated Yom HaShoah with an emphasis on the heroism, courage and legacies of students’ relatives who survived the atrocities of the Holocaust. Students were honored to hear the stories of Henry Schanzer and Dr. Bernard Schanzer, twin brothers, the grandfather and great uncle of sophomore Raimee Schanzer.


Yeshivat Noam

On Monday night, the Yeshivat Noam eighth graders presented their Yom HaShoah Living Museum. The students spent months preparing for the event to honor the heroes of the Shoah. With the help of Rebecca Lopkin of Envision Theather, each studenyt presented the life of a Holocaust survivor through art and creative writing as


Yeshivat Frisch

The Yeshivat Frisch community was honored to be addressed virtually by Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi of Israel and chairman of the Yad Vashem Council, on April 8, during the school’s annual Yom Hashoah program. Rabbi Lau, is one of the youngest survivors of the Buchenwald concentration



Last week on Yom Ha’Shoah, a day to remember the devastation and destruction of the unspeakably painful years of the Holocaust that took the lives of the six million kedoshim, the RYNJ middle school participated in a meaningful program: Shuls of the Shoah: From Ruin to Rebirth.


Yeshivat He’Atid

To commemorate Yom HaShoah, a day when we reflect on the tragedy of the Holocaust, middle school students participated in a very special tekes dedicated to honoring the six million lost.

Their day continued with thought provoking lessons that focused on the history of the Holocaust as well as the hopes for the future of the Jewish



Six burning yahrzeit candles greeted Moriah middle school students as they arrived for tefillah last Thursday, and set the tone for the Yom HaShoah commemoration. At the conclusion of davening ”Kel Malei” was recited in memory of the victims of the Shoah.

After lunch, students at home and in


Academies at GBDS

Last week the students and staff at Academies at GBDS commemorated Yom HaShoah with an emotional tekes led by eighth grade students. Everyone davened and stood in silent reflection during the morning siren. The students presented Holocaust poetry and lit six memorial candles in honor of the six million Jewish lives lost in



JKHA middle school students gathered over Zoom for a morning assembly to commemorate Yom HaShoah. The program began with words from Principal Mrs. Levenson, followed by a video produced by the Middle School Student Council. The video featured Student Council representatives and Morah Hertzberg sharing words about



The students at Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva attended an unbelievably moving and powerful Yom HaShoah program, led by Rebecca Bick. It was conducted over Zoom for the middle school grades, and featured childrens’ perspectives on various experiences during the Holocaust, such as Kristallnacht, being hungry, the


Bruriah Middle School

In commemoration of Yom HaShoah, Bruriah Middle School girls were privileged to hear from Sally Frishberg, a Holocaust survivor. Frishberg shared her incredible story of how she hid in an attic with 13 other family members during the war. Some of her messages were to be kind to people and to show appreciation to others.