Friday, October 07, 2022


Yavneh ECD Students Prepare for Sukkot

In advance of Sukkot, Yavneh Academy’s gan students visited the Yavneh “sukkah.” While learning about Simchat Torah, Yavneh’s ganon students took a very special trip to the school’s beit midrash. Rabbi Penn opened a sefer Torah and each child had the opportunity to stand at the bima and look at the


RYNJ MSG Take Tashlich Hike

RYNJ middle school girls hiked up the picturesque trail at the Ramapo Valley Nature Reserve. They said Tashlich at the beautiful lake, listened to a performance of the new MSG alma mater, and then hiked back down to the grassy area for a yummy picnic lunch.

It was a wonderful


Something Is Fishy at Cheder Yaldei Menachem

There is definitely something fishy going on at Cheder Yaldei Menachem! As it is customary this time of year to go to a stream of water with fish for tashlich, CYM invited fish into their pre-k classroom! Each child assisted with the aquarium setup and when it was ready, they joyously welcomed the fish. What a marvel to


BPY Fourth Graders Build a Kosher Sukkah

BPY fourth graders began learning about building a kosher sukkah. They learned about the required height of the sides and dimensions of the sukkah, kosher vs. non-kosher schach and which sukkahs are not valid. The children enjoyed the experience and the illustration in the classroom. Next, they will build their own kosher


Anshei Lubavitch Prepares For Yom Kippur

Anshei Lubavitch students are preparing for Yom Kippur. They learned about the mitzvot and minhagim of this special holiday, shopped for Yom Kippur shoes in the Yom Kippur shoe store, and used foam and felt to make their own non-leather shoes. They learned about the story of Yonah and re-enacted it by playing


Tenafly Chabad Academy Students Make a Shofar

Tenafly Chabad Academy had a visit from the Shofar Factory this week. The children got to learn all about how a shofar is made. They even got to help use a drill to hollow out the shofar. The children learned the difference between a kosher shofar and a non-kosher shofar. They learned about which animal’s horns can be used for a shofar. The


The Idea School Goes on Annual Tashlich Hike

What has become an honored tradition, The Idea School took their annual tashlich hike on the beautiful Palisades on a perfectly sunny and clear day. Students had a choice of a leisurely nature hike or an adventurous and more challenging path. The students gathered in the beginning for discussion on tashlich, its


Kinneret Celebrates New Year With Shofar

KDS ushered in the new year with shofar demonstrations, contests and welcoming in Rosh Hashanah!


Shofar Factory Visits Chabad Of Tenafly

Lubavitch on the Palisades preschool children enjoyed learning about how shofars are made in a hands-on experience presented by Rabbi Moshe Grossbaum. Each preschool class visited the Shofar Factory where the children saw a variety of different kinds of shofars. They learned how a ram’s horn is cleaned, sanded


JEC HS Has Yom Kippur Layl Iyun

JEC HS pre Yom-Kippur layl iyun was a huge success with over 90 boys in attendance. This voluntary after-school program focused on the power of teshuva. The boys enjoyed a bowl of hot cholent before learning together. This was followed by a shiur from Rabbi Malitzky. After a hearty schnitzel dinner, the boys


RYNJ Wishes Students A Sweet New Year

RYNJ kicked off the year with a special school wide chagiga on the outside turf. Students sang with their friends, rebbeim and morot while welcoming in the new month with sweet treats from Rita’s.


Heichal HaTorah Discusses Science and Torah

This past week at Heichal HaTorah, Rav Daniel Schwechter, Heichal’s mashgiach ruchani, and Eli Katz, history teacher and director of College Guidance, introduced ninth grade students to an interactive eye-opening conversation about the beginning days of creation as seen from the different perspectives of Torah and modern science.

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