Saturday, December 04, 2021


Yud Tes Kislev Farbrengen Held at Bris Avrohom

(Courtesy of Bris Avrohom) On Sunday evening, at the Bris Avrohom Center, a special Yud Tes Kislev farbrengen was held. It is customary to celebrate that date, as it is known by Lubavitch as the new year of chasidus. The celebration commemorates the yahrtzeit of the Mezritcher Maggid, as well as the liberation of the first


Heichal Chanukah Programming Is Electric

Chanukah started early at Heichal HaTorah when Lipa came for a pre-Chanukah concert. The rebbeim, talmidim and many guests from the community danced and sang the night away during the electric chagiga. This was just the beginning of the awesome Chanukah programming which included laser tag, axe throwing, a warrior


Chanukah Is Fun at Gan Yaldenu Tots

Gan Yaldenu Tots is having fun celebrating Chanukah at school. The week started off with some of the classes getting to sing and dance with Mr. Joe who brought all his fun instruments. The week continued with the children playing and doing different special activities. The children made their own sufganiyot and got to fill


Yeshivat He’Atid Has the Spirit

Students showed off their incredible school spirit dressed in their best He’Atid colors and swag as they enthusiastically cheered on the awesome He’Atid Hurricanes at school pep rallies throughout the day. Elementary students lined the halls to cheer on their teams. Later in the day, the middle school students


Joey Newcomb Wows at RYNJ

The RYNJ PTA provided an incredible Chanukah chagiga for the entire school! The morning started when the one and only Joey Newcomb took the stage for the boys concert. The excitement and energy was through the roof! The boys danced the entire time and had the best time showing their ruach with their friends and


Yavneh Celebrates Chanukah

Chanukah at Yavneh Academy got off to a wonderful start. Students and faculty came dressed for the chag in their best Chanukah apparel, classroom doors were decorated and students participated in sevivon spinoffs and Minute to Win It Chanukah-style!


MTA Seniors Combat Antisemitism With “Names, Not Numbers©” Documentary

Seniors in MTA’s “Names, Not Numbers ©”elective course are combating the rise of antisemitism by creating their own Holocaust documentary. Talmidim interviewed incredible survivors and are sharing their compelling stories with the world to make sure that these heroes are never forgotten.


Academies at GBDS Second Graders Receive First Chumashim

Last week’s Chumash ceremony for kitah bet was an exciting celebration and a major milestone for the Academies at GBDS students. The event highlighted the students’ Hebrew and Judaic Studies growth and skills with tefillah, songs and a fun skit. It was clear how proud the students are of their achievements.


Moriah Nursery Has Fun on Chanukah

The Moriah school nursery students began their week learning all about the sevivon! They played with dreidels to remember what the children needed to do to learn Torah. When the children were studying and would hear Antiochus’ army coming, they would quickly take out their dreidels and pretend to be playing a game. The


[email protected] Students Give Thanks

Students at [email protected] tooksome time to reflect on what they were thankful for while getting ready for Thanksgiving.


Dr. Schnitzel Comes to TCA

Students had an incredible time at Dr. Schnitzel’s wacky science show! The show was filled with excitement, laughter and edge of your seat entertainment—and the science experiments were out of this world!


Nitzanei Noam Students Donate Toys

Nitzanei Noam students had the opportunity to donate toys to the Bergen County Toy Drive and learn from Joy Sklar about the importance of giving.

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