Monday, June 05, 2023

This Monday, the RYNJ Middle School students had the privilege of hearing Dr. Annette Berger, a former RYNJ school psychologist who made Aliyah four years ago. Dr. Berger now serves as a psychologist in the educational/psychological services of Ma’alei Adumim, and as a private therapist in Yerushalayim.

Dr. Berger visited RYNJ to help foster a feeling of connection, support and action between the students and their “brothers and sisters” living in Eretz Yisrael in this stressful time. Dr. Berger shared interviews in which she asked her Israeli students how they were coping, and what messages they wanted to convey to the students of RYNJ. She also showed moving pictures and video images that demonstrated the strength and resolve of Israeli youth; this gave the RYNJ students inspiration to think what they can do here. With tefillah, warm encouragement and correspondence, RYNJ students are committed to demonstrating their support, their commitment, and their achdut.

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