Sunday, July 05, 2020

EnglewoodThe Moriah School recently honored its teachers at a BOLD appreciation night held at Mocha Bleu with representatives from the BOLD Day School Project: Rachel Abrahams of the Avi Chai Foundation and Jeff Kiderman of AJE. BOLD Day Schools is a cooperative project of the AJE Project, the AVI CHAI Foundation and the Kohelet Foundation. Having launched this transformational education program at Moriah this year in grades one and five, the leadership of the school honored the teachers that piloted the program with tremendous success. The teachers demonstrated academic excellence in their pursuit of this 21st-century adaptive learning platform and shared their enthusiasm with their students as they witnessed impressive growth in the program.

This is a three-year program launched in September, for which there is a substantial grant. Moriah Multi-Modal Learning has allowed the school to deploy new technology advancements and create opportunities to fashion an adaptive learning environment for each child. Data about student performance is continuously assessed and each child’s education is personalized to meet his/her specific needs. Moriah has designed customized strategies that integrate technology into the instructional model that has created a learning environment where students have daily opportunities for individualized learning, group collaboration and teacher-led instruction, while teachers have online real-time proficiency data to assist as they differentiate small group instruction within the classroom.

Moriah has named these teachers BOLD Ambassadors. These ambassadors will assume the responsibility of mentoring new BOLD teachers in the second year of the program. The BOLD teachers have begun an important paradigm shift toward creative personalized education and Moriah is committed to seeing its students continue to benefit through its focus on student inquiry and creativity.

The leadership expressed its appreciation hakarat hatov for the teachers by having this celebratory dinner for a job well done. Teachers participated by sharing the wonderful experiences they had this year. “I loved working with my students in small groups;

it was great to listen to the children when they exclaimed, I love when we BOLD!”